17 Bright Ideas for Gifts for your Spouse on their Birthday

17 Bright Ideas for Gifts for your Spouse on their Birthday

Looking for gifts for your spouse? Whether it’s a particularly big birthday or you just want to make sure the day feels extra special, a spouse’s birthday is a great opportunity to surprise them in lots of ways, little and large. Here, we’re going to look at how you can go the extra mile and put together a celebration of them that they’ll never forget.

Plan a gift basket – Is your loved one going to have to go to work on their birthday? If they haven’t booked the day off, then help them get through it with a gift basket or a care package full of little treats to help them get through the day. If a coworker of theirs is a close friend, have them sneak it in before your spouse arrives at work so it can be a treat.

Bring them breakfast in bed – Nothing makes one feel quite so loved as waking up to find breakfast waiting for them (or at least a note that it’s on its way). Whether you want to make them something special for breakfast or make something traditional and wholesome, they will love the star treatment.

Be super affectionate – The power of touch is not something to underestimate. You don’t have to lay on the expectation of going any further, but spend the day cuddling and touching to reaffirm that close, physical bond and make them feel truly loved.

Build up to the gift – You are going to be much better prepared to tell what kind of gift your partner will love better than you could read here. Rather than tell you what gift to get, we’ll recommend that you spend time building anticipation up to the gift. It’s all in the presentation. You can fake them out with decoy gifts, have gift presented by surprise from someone else, or leave it somewhere hidden (but regularly used) so they can discover it out of the blue.

Give an experience, not a gift – You don’t necessarily have to get them something physical. Or if you do, you can make it a smaller gift, instead putting the focus on an experience. Take them away for a city break on their birthday. Pay for a spa day. Help fulfil something on their bucket list. It’s been long true that people remember and appreciate experiences for much longer than physical items, on average.

Set the perfect date – Can you think of a date night that would be extra special to your partner? Do they have an interest, like football or the theatre, that you don’t indulge in often enough? Or perhaps the spot of a first date that you could revisit to get the nostalgia flowing?

Play your song – It’s old-fashioned, but if the radio is often on in the home or they listen to it as they commute, then find out their favourite radio station and make a song request for your spouse. Leave a short heartfelt or funny message and pick a song that has significance to the both of you. For instance, the song of the first dance at your wedding is always a safe bet.

Throw a surprise party – Make the party extra special. If you can, get their family or friends involved to make sure you’re choosing the music and setting they like best. Go the extra mile and get custom birthday cakes made specially for them. A surprise party is best kept hidden by keeping the birthday boy or girl busy. So, make sure you have something else planned to keep their mind from wandering.

Share the memories – If they’re the sentimental type that just loves to revel in memories, then few gifts might be better appreciated than the opportunity to do just that. You can make it a collection of photos from their time with you and the kids, or visit their family to celebrate all the highlights of their life.

Express yourself – We often don’t take enough advantage of the opportunities we have to really tell our loved one what they mean to us. Spend time writing a love letter, expressing everything you’re grateful for about them. Have them read it in a private moment to make it extra special.

Leave a jar of notes – Instead of just one letter, you can prepare a whole jar of them, too. Each note can feature a little affirmation of love, gratitude, or even a naughty joke to tease them when you’re not there. Give them a literal jar of them or just keep a jarful hidden in their pockets, purse, wallet, and other places they’re sure to find them.

Find some alone time – If you have kids, then now is the time to have them sent off for a while. Hire a childminder or enlist a family member so the two of you can enjoy some time alone.

Find time for them to be alone, too – Never underestimate the power of a quiet moment to oneself without any responsibilities. A great way to provide that is to spend time making them a hot, relaxing bath. If they want you to join in, then that’s all the better. If not, let them have some peace and relaxation.

Take care of them – Don’t let them lift a single finger in the home. Make sure everything is tidy in advance so they don’t feel any urge to help out and spend the day taking care of the home so they can relax and feel entirely at ease.

Make a special meal – Do they have a favourite meal that they’ll appreciate and ask for whenever they have an occasion? Make it for them.

Give them a spa day – Take the whole day to pamper them silly. Run them that bath mentioned above, but also give them a massage, spend time letting them relax on your lap as you gently brush their hair, and set the scene. Scented oils, lotions, aromatic candles should all be prepped in advance.

Make a photobook of their favourite things and people – appeal to their sentimental side with a beautful album of all their favourite and special moments

  • These seventeen bright ideas are sure to make anyone feel special on their big day. Can you think of any more? After all, no-one is more qualified to guess what would delight someone more than their own spouse.
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