17 Bright Ideas for Going Vegetarian And Sticking to It

17 Bright Ideas for Going Vegetarian And Sticking to It

Been considering making the switch to a meat-free lifestyle but don’t really know how? With these easy tips, you’ll be going vegetarian in no time!

Eat fake meats – There is absolutely no shame in eating something that’s been created to mimic real meat. You can enjoy the taste without the guilt! 

Order in – Sometimes you don’t feel like cooking. You’re more likely to stick to your guns if you have vegetarian takeaways to choose from.

Read blogs – Blogs have heaps of ideas about sticking to a vegetarian diet. You’ll find recipe ideas galore!

Get cooking – Sometimes all that’s left to do is get cooking! Getting in that kitchen allows you to get creative with meat-free dishes and intricate flavours.

Meal prep – If you’re feeling lazy, it’s so easy to slip up when you’re trying to steer clear of meat. Prep way in advance to make it nice and easy, and save you some money.

Make vegetarian friends – It’s so much easier to stick to a new lifestyle if you’ve got other people on your side who are doing the same thing. They can give you tips and lend you moral support!

Consider veganism –Not content with just cutting out meat? Why not go the whole hog (excuse the expression), and cut out dairy as well? It’s easier than you think.

Switch products, too – And while you’re at it, you can cut out the things you consume in other ways than just the things you eat. Make sure makeup, clothing and cleaning products are all cruelty-free.

Keep things varied. –Don’t just stick to the same two or three vegetarian meals. You’ll get easily bored, and you may well give up.

Think about snacks – You’re going to want snacks from time to time. In most cases, you’re just cutting out meat, you’re not cutting out joy! If you’re prone to snacks containing animal products, have a think about how you’ll replace these.

It’s okay to cheat – Look, whatever your reasons for going vegetarian, you’re allowed to slip up occasionally. Don’t feel too bad, or allow it to convince you to throw in the towel.

Think about campaigning – Really into it? Think about getting active in the vegetarian community. You don’t need to get preachy, but learning points for debate can help remind you why you’re doing it to begin with.

Watch health documentaries – Not convinced you’re making the right choice? Documentaries can help show you the health and ethical benefits of living as a vegetarian.

Host a dinner party – Want new ideas for food and want to get everyone you know in on the action? Simple. Have a little bit of everything as you invite all your friends to bring round one vegetarian dish. Try and swap recipes, too. Delicious!

Look up local restaurants – Why not see which local restaurants have the best vegetarian options? Some places are entirely meat-free, and you might find your new favourite place!

Travel for veggie food – Okay, so maybe your local area has rubbish vegetarian food after all. There’s nothing that says “foodie” like travelling for an amazing new restaurant that you can enjoy.

Teach others what you’ve learned – Now that you know how to be a great vegetarian, all that’s left to do is share your knowledge – and food – with others.

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