17 Bright Ideas To Help You Save On Energy

17 Bright Ideas To Help You Save On Energy

Would you like to save on energy bills? Well, here are a few easy to implement tips to get you well on your way to saving. The tips can be practiced by the whole family and come courtesy of Lumo Energy, one of Australia’s fastest growing energy retailers. It provides more than half a million residential and business accounts across Victoria, New South Wales South, Australia and Queensland. Essentially, if it’s not in use, turn off the juice. A huge thanks to Lumo Energy for this fabulous list.

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Save up to $160 per year by turning the gaming console off at the wall – Have gamers in your family? You can save annually by turning the console off at the wall instead of pressing the power button.

Wash your clothes in cold water and save $115 a year – About 80% of energy in a warm wash is associated with heating water.

Save up to $63 by NOT using a dryer – Hang your clothes outside and let the sun and wind work its magic to dry your clothes instead of putting in the dryer. This will decrease your electricity costs.

Lighting up your home – Use LED lights which could reduce your lights energy consumption by up to 80%.

Turn the light off – When you are not a room, flick the switch and of course enjoy natural light whenever possible

Air conditioning – Set the thermostat between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius for cooling. Every degree lower will increase running costs by around 10%

Regularly service your cooling and heating systems – When appliances get dirty or dusty they use more energy to work, so ensure that you get appliances serviced on a regular basis

Insulation – Good insulation in your ceilings and walls greatly reduces heat loss and can help you save up to 30% on your heating costs

Your fridge is often the biggest energy consumer in your home – Make sure they are located in a cool, well-ventilated space with a gap of at least 5cm for ventilation and heat dispersion. Do keep the fridge as far from your oven as possible.

Dishwashers consume the same amount of energy if it’s completely full or not – If dishes are not coming out clean, it could mean your dishwasher needs a service or is over stacked

Make sure the power is completely off electronics – Televisions, home entertainment systems, computers, and IT equipment can account for approximately 10% of the average household’s energy bill

Looking for a new washing machine? Look at front loading washing machine – These models use less water and up to 60% less energy

Big discounts do not always mean big savings – There are many pay on time energy products in the market. To make sure you are well on your way to getting the best one, ask these questions: What is the discount being applied too? Is it the rates alone? Does it apply to rates and service to property? How long does the discount apply for? Check the rates that are being discounted: peak, off peak, shoulder and so forth. One of the best pay on time discounts is when the rates and service to property are discounted; this is what Lumo Energy offers with Lumo Advantage.

Use the microwave over the oven – Microwaves use less energy than the oven, which will help reduce your bill

Save money by boiling water in the kettle – Boiling water on the stove uses more energy consumption than an electric kettle

Hot water makes up 25% of household energy – Switch to an electric storage hot water system to save money and help reduce carbon emissions

Watch your windows – Up to 40% of the heat in your home can be leaking out your windows. So dress your windows with curtains or blinds that are a snug fit to keep the cold out in winter and the heat out in summer.


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Lumo Advantage For eligible new VIC and SA residential customers who sign up to Lumo Advantage product. Discount applies to energy usage and service to property charges (which are subject to change), when you pay in full by 5pm on the due date. See full Terms and Conditions at lumoenergy.com.au/residential

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