17 Bright Ideas for Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Home’s Asking Price

17 Bright Ideas for Home Improvements That Will Increase Your Home’s Asking Price

When it comes to the real estate game, as a homeowner you should do whatever you can afford to do to increase your home’s value. Check out this great list of home improvements that will add value to your property.

Convert your attic – If you have some attic space, then you could easily add value to your home by converting it into another room or bathroom.

Add a conservatory – A conservatory is another popular way to add value to a property, essentially creating an extra reception room for your home.

Extend your living area – Currently trending in the world home improvements, home extensions can prove a huge value-add to your property. This will make your home more attractive while adding thousands to its value.

Add a fresh coat of paint – An easy and affordable tip, especially when you’re actively trying to sell your home – add a lick of paint to refresh walls and make your interior look slick.

Invest in your garden – A landscaped garden is attractive to buyers and could also at some dollars to your asking price. Learn how to landscape on a budget to get started.

Turn your garage into a room – A garage isn’t as necessary as they used to be and if you’ve got plenty of parking on your drive or street, you could be missing out by not turning your garage into an additional living or reception room.

Fix your exterior – Your home’s exterior is what buyers will see first, so making improvements to the roof, tiling or even the front door could give a helping hand to creating a good impression.

Clean your windows – Give your windows a bit of TLC by having them professionally cleaned as well as repairing any damage to their appearance. A fresh lick of paint to the frames can work wonders.

Get carpets professionally cleaned – Fresh, stain-free carpets create a great impression on buyers. Get them professionally cleaned or invest in a professional-grade carpet cleaner to keep them in good condition.

Keep your floors in good condition – Like your carpets, your kitchen and bathroom floors also need some care. Try these 17 bright ideas for keeping your floors looking great. Invest in some good floor cleaning equipment to make the task an easier one.

Convert the basement – If you have a basement, it could easily be turned into a large additional reception room or bedroom. Be sure to add plenty of lighting!

Hang mirrors to make your home look larger – Add a few mirrors to your living room and hallways – they will help create the illusion of light and make your home look bigger.

mprove your kitchen – Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the home, so replacing dated fixtures could help make it look more modern and attractive.

Make it eco-friendly – Adding some eco-friendly features will be a big draw for buyers, especially those that want to save on their living costs.

Create more light – Having lots of light will make your home look more open and spacious. Add some additional windows or get clever with lighting techniques to brighten up your home.

Knock down walls – If you can, make rooms bigger by combining them. Open plan living is the way forward, and having more space is more attractive than the number of rooms available.

Keep it clean! – An easy, but effective one – always make sure you keep on top of your cleaning to help keep your home neat and presentable at all times.


  • Adding value to your home can be done on any budget. Try some of the tips above and increase the asking price on your home.
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