17 Bright Ideas For Improving Your Mental Health
Ideas To Improve Your Mental Health

17 Bright Ideas For Improving Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and the modern world is starting to see it that way. Your mental health has a huge impact on your life, at its worst it can make you not want to live any more and at its best you know that you can conquer the world. So it’s imperative that you do all you can to make sure your mental health stays as well as it can be.Here are 17 simple ideas but don’t stop trying to feel better – seek professional advice if you just can’t get yourself out of a sad place.

Self-care – Self-care isn’t the same as selfishness. Too many people feel like they can’t spend time on themselves while there are other people to look after. It’s simply not true – try self-care for the real world to learn more about how to care for yourself.

Meditate – Meditation might just mean laying on your bed listening to calming music. You might like to include essential oils too. The idea is to focus on your breathing and release the negativity built up inside of you.

Pamper Yourself – Everyone deserves to be pampered – you can go to a spa, visit a salon or simply spend time pampering yourself at home, allowing you to focus on yourself in a positive and caring way.

Ask for Professional Help – Sometimes you need to ask for help from a professional in order to work through your mental health issues. Lifeplan provides disability services as well as help for people dealing with poor mental health but speak to your General Practitioner to see what is the best help for you.

Confide in a Friend – If you don’t want to go to a professional, talking might still be a great option for you, so choose someone you love and trust and confide in them. You can always try a telephone help line if you’d rather talk to someone you don’t know.

Eat a Balanced Diet – Your diet can affect your mood in a huge way, WebMD says that a balanced diet helps to regulate your moods and hormone levels.

Exercise – Endorphins! There is no better way to induce happiness and wellbeing into your body than regular exercise. If you haven’t done any exercise for a while, take it slow and begin with walking or swimming but try to get 30mins of exercise into everyday.

Do Something that Makes you Happy – You might not have your dream job but you need to at least be happy in the role you’re in. We spend over 40% of our lives at work so why would you continue to work in a place that makes you miserable? Life is to short for that. Find something that you are passionate about and try and get involved.

Cut out Poisonous People – They might just be people who constantly complain about life on social media or they might be someone you see regularly that spouts negative thoughts and ideas. You don’t have to put up with their bad outlook on life – so block them.

Love Yourself – It sounds simple but along the same lines as self-care, loving yourself sounds selfish. It’s not – how do you expect to love others if you can’t love who you are? Try to do something positive for yourself everyday.

Sleep Well – Exhaustion can lead to low moods, chemical imbalances and physical traits that make you feel even worse about yourself. Get a good night’s sleep every night and it will do so much more than you think.

Do Something New – Take yourself out of your comfort zone and do something new. That might mean that you go hiking or sky diving, or it might mean that you go to a different park or take a class on something. Push yourself and you’ll be surprised at the fun you can have.

Cut out your Vices – Smoking and drinking might make you feel better for the time you’re doing it for, but in the long run both are things that pull down your moods, your health, and your opinion of yourself.

Pet a Puppy – … or any animal really. Animals have been proven to be fantastic releases of anxiety and depression. Holding a pet can make you feel so much better in an instant.

Take a Personal Day – Just like when you have a cold or the flu, you are entitled to take a sick day for your mental health. If you feel like you can’t cope with work for a day, then talk to your boss and take a personal day.

Cry – Sometimes you just need a good cry – there’s no two ways about it. Grab some tissues and let go.

Take a Break – If there’s a situation in life that is affecting your mental health, like work or a relationship, then taking a break might be what you need to clear your head and realise what it is you really want.

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