17 Bright Ideas for Kids Party Preparation

17 Bright Ideas for Kids Party Preparation

Kids parties can be great occasions, or they can be extremely hellish, and probably tend to consist of the latter. But if you are looking for ways to prepare your backyard for the sounds of screaming children, stamping feet, and the sounds of parents saying no in a chorus (to different children), you need to prepare your backyard for the event properly.

Prepare The Area – this means making it as safe as possible, but also as easy to clean as possible. It can be very difficult to keep everything clean, especially with children around. The best defense is preparation in this respect.

Minimize Mess – get paper plates everywhere! And, if you can get some, plastic cutlery because this will save hours in washing up.

Decorate – it’s a kid’s party, so make it as fantastic as possible.

Get A Play Area – you can rent slides and swings for cheap, and this will be a great bit of entertainment, but also gives the parents a break. You can also get some artificial grass, especially if you are protective over your garden. This is the best artificial grass found recently in an online search.

Make A Cake – kids love cake! What else needs to be said? Keep calm – the simple things are often the best.

Cater For Dietary Requirements – lots of children are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, and have nut allergies now, as well as being vegetarian or vegan, make sure that every food group is catered for.

Think Of The Entertainment – are you going to get a clown, a Disney princess to turn up, or are you just going to go for the old-fashioned party games? When children are bored, they get upset!

Do Something For The Parents – while the parents are there for the children, if you have something to keep them entertained, regardless of whatever it is, they will be very grateful for it!

Keep It Short – children’s parties, especially ones for toddlers, only need to be a couple of hours long. Remember, children have various nap times, feeding times, and if you’ve got a backyard full of upset children, this will sour the atmosphere.

Be Safe – if you’ve got things like wires coming out of the house, this can be a big trip hazard. Make sure wires are tucked away as safely as possible, or out of the reach of children.

Check The Weather – is the party going to be rained out? Prepare for all weathers, even in the height of summer!

Be Clear With Your Invites – don’t just send a Facebook invite to the parents! Specifically, state the date and time of the party.

Make Party Bags – every child needs a memento of the party, so fill it with candy, little toys, or even a coloring book.

Have Someone On Kitchen Duties – make sure someone’s keeping an eye on the food, especially if you’re making hot food. If not, then whoever is sorting out the buffet needs to make sure that it is covered up.

Music – everybody needs music, so get a kid-friendly playlist on Spotify.

Don’t clean as you go – a controversial rule, but is there any point in cleaning up little bits of mess, when you’ll have to clean it all out later on?

Breathe – it’s very stressful, so take some time to compose yourself now and again.


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