17 Bright Ideas to Maintain a Long Term Relationship

17 Bright Ideas to Maintain a Long Term Relationship

Wonder how others maintain a long term relationship? Being in a long-term relationship is totally awesome. You’re living with your best friend in the whole wide world. You have your little routine. You know each other better than anyone else knows you. You share inside jokes. You don’t care about how bad your morning breath is. You goof around and you trump in front of one another. You are totally comfortable with the person you’re with and you are totally comfortable with who you when you’re with that person.

For all the awesomeness, however, the big fears attached to long-term relationships are losing that romantic spark and getting stuck in a rut. Don’t worry, this is only natural. But that doesn’t mean you should just lay back placidly and let things continue down this route, especially when there are so many little things you could be doing to keep that fire burning.

Always Be Complementing Each Other – Tell them they look hot or beautiful or handsome or sexy. Tell them when they impress you. Tell them exactly how much you care. It is too easy to forget to do this.

Having A Joint Bucket List Rocks –  It doesn’t have to be scuba dive in Victoria Falls, just going on a fun and affordable dates will work a treat.

See Someone Who Specialises In Happy Couples – Every couple should enjoy couples counselling. It is just a great way to rekindle that love, to fall in love again, to improve the way you communicate as a couple and revitalise your emotional connection with one another.

Enjoy A Little Bit Of Me Time – Yes, you have the chance to spend every night with one another, which is amazing, but it isn’t mandatory either. In fact, it is super important that you stay in touch with who you are.

Write Actual Love Letters – Just because your days of courting one another are over, doesn’t mean you should stop being romantic.

Date Night Once A Week – Pick one night every week to do something together and alternate who gets to choose each time. You never know what you may stumble across and what lifelong hobby you start enjoying together.

Dress Up At Home – If you’re thinking this means in the bedroom, it doesn’t. It can do, and yes that would help things no end, but just dress up in your fancy clothes and have dinner together, like you used to do.

Surprises never Fail – Nothing beats receiving flowers for absolutely no reason. Birthdays, Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas; all of that is when we feel obliged to. But surprise gifts and outings always work best.

Do Your Own Thing In Each Other’s Company – Just because you enjoy doing your own things doesn’t mean you have to enjoy them apart. Read your book while she watches her show, or vice versa, or anything.

The Little Things Mean A Lot – It can be so easy to forget the little things that we used to do, such as kissing their forehead when you leave for work or bringing them coffee in bed.

Learn As A Couple – Why not commit to learning a new skill as a couple with each New Year. Take it turns to pick as well. It could be ballroom dancing one year and learn Mandarin the next.

Never Forget Friends And Family – It can be too easy to put all those that are important to you on the back burner. Don’t. Make sure you see them, whether it is at theirs or hosting events at yours.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane – By talking about how you first felt when you met them or telling one another your secrets about those early days you will bond like never before.

Ask How Their Day Was Every Day – It is such a simple question to ask but the impact it has on your relationship can be huge. By sharing the positive parts of your day with one another you will be happier. Fact.

Have Inside Jokes – A great way to grow your bond is to have inside jokes that you can laugh at hysterically, even though no one else has a clue what you are going on about. By having this you are strengthening your relationship.

Enjoy Your Fights – The fact that you still fight and still get upset over it shows you still care about each other. Cherish that.

Never Get Personal – The secret to a healthy and long-lasting relationship is to never get personal when you do argue. We all have disagreements, but blowing it out of proportion and taking it somewhere else is never good.

Celebrate Their Successes – The way we receive each other’s amazing news has such a profound effect on your relationship. Be over the moon for their good news and be the support they need when it isn’t so fantastic.

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