17 Bright Ideas for Meal Ideas for Vegans

17 Bright Ideas for Meal Ideas for Vegans

Making the choice to go vegan is wonderful in so many ways but meal ideas for vegans can sometimes be tricky.  You’re not putting money into the slaughter of animals, it’s better for the environment and chances are you’ll eat more healthily too. And if you’re smart with your cooking, being vegan certainly doesn’t need to limit your options- there are plenty of tasty, wonderful dishes to try! Whether you’re catering for vegans, or you’re vegan yourself and want to put on an impressive spread to show your meat eating friends the kinds of foods you can eat that are free of animals and animal products- here are seventeen dishes to consider!

A simple garden salad makes a fantastic side for most dishes. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, avocado, radishes, cress- whatever it is you like in your salad toss it in. An easy vegan favourite.

Fried rice is a wholesome and tasty side dish. Cook and then cool rice overnight in the fridge, it needs to be cold or it will go sticky. Add oil to a hot pan and then fry it off with some herbs and spices of your choice. You could even stir in some tofu as an alternative to egg.

Potatoes in any style. You could mash, roast or fry them- a tasty side dish most people will love. Just don’t add any butter or cows milk to things like mash- instead use almond milk and flavour with some mustard or roasted garlic.

Most types of prepackaged pasta are vegan, just be sure to check the ingredients. Whip up a pasta salad with some homemade tomato sauce for another tasty vegan side dish.

Roasted vegetables are healthy, tasty and wholesome. Roast things like butternut squash, onions, peppers and courgette which would go along with most main courses.

A nut roast makes for a tasty, flavoursome alternative to meat on a main course. You could buy a premade vegan nut roast or make your own with nuts, onion, breadcrumbs, mushroom, leek and whatever else you fancy.

Stuff tomatoes, peppers or portobello mushrooms with vegetables, herbs and breadcrumbs. Melt some vegan cheese over the top to give it a creamy, luxurious finish.

Curry is a very adaptable dish, make a base from onions, tomatoes and vegan yoghurt and favour it with herbs and spices. Add chunks of peppers, mushrooms and onions and just skip the meat.

Veggie burgers make a nice casual vegan dinner party idea. Fry up some onions and have plenty of condiments at the ready,

Fajitas or tacos are another more casual, family style option. Skip the meat and sour cream and cook up plenty of vegetables instead, you could go with a meat alternative like Quorn if you wanted. Guests are able to help themselves, if you like this kind of dining style invest in a large sturdy table so you have enough room. A concrete dining table would be a good choice, as would solid wood.

Chinese style stir frys include plenty of fresh, healthy vegetables. Since these will need to be cooked while your guests are seated and served immediately, it’s a good option for hosting smaller groups

If you want to serve up something wholesome over the winter months, a hearty vegetable stew could work well.

Fruit sorbet is a simple palette cleanser that would be a good option if you’ve gone with quite a heavy main dish.

Chocolate cake can be made vegan by substituting eggs and butter with things like non-dairy milk and spread, even applesauce or pureed pumpkin!

Use a recipe for vegan crepes and garnish with fresh fruit and icing sugar for a delicate end to a meal.

Fruit salad with some vegan ice cream or vegan chocolate grated over the top is again great if you’ve gone with a heavier main.

For something indulgent go with vegan cheesecake- the filling can be made with a mixture of cashews, coconut cream, and vegan cream cheese.

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