17 Bright Ideas On How To Decorate Your Home This Winter

17 Bright Ideas On How To Decorate Your Home This Winter

Winter is the time of year that we love to stay indoors and enjoy being cosy at home. This makes it the perfect time to re-decorate and create a wonderful living space. Thanks to Michelle Greeves, Creative Director at Charles Parsons Interiors, for her 17 Bright Ideas on How To Decorate Your Home This Winter:

Use thick curtains – The quickest way to block out the cold winter draft by adding some thick, lined curtains. By using quality textiles, the curtains will last season after season. Charles Parsons Interiors not only deliver custom made curtains in luxurious textiles, they are now offering a ready-made curtains lined with Thermaback lining to reduce noise, light, and improve insulation. See their entire collection here.

Tick Tock – A large scale clock is a great way to give a modern update to any room, especially a bathroom or kitchen.

Engage the senses – Burn scented candles or incense to create a warming atmosphere throughout your loving space. Unusual, rich scents like spices and jasmine will quickly add an exotic accent to your home.

Use textures – Don’t be afraid to combine multiple textures from velvet to plaid to fur; combining heavy textures with lighter ones across your curtains, throws and cushions will keep your home looking warm, cozy and modern.

Warming centerpiece – Make any space seem warm and inviting with a decorative centerpiece on any table candles, fruit and flowers all make perfect combinations. Protect your surfaces whilst adding texture and dimension by including a mat or table runner. Top it all off with a beautiful book as the finishing touch.

Throw your throws around – There is no better time to invest in new, warm throw rugs than during the winter. The eye-catching Punch throws by Rapee are ideal for adding an unusual twist on the typical winter throw with their bold geometric print. Check out their full throw rug collection.

Get organised with beautiful baskets – It’s getting colder and it’s time to get out those scarves, hats and gloves. Invite a touch of rustic into your home and keep your family organized by storing all your winter smalls in delicate wicker baskets by the front door.

Call in a professional. – As the light fades and temperature drops, it’s easy to feel our creativity lull too. So try calling in a professional – they’ll be able to listen to your thoughts and tastes to help re-design a room. You don’t need to go the whole hog either; they can help you inject a new lease of life into your living space by advising a new set of curtains or re-upholstered chair in patterns you may never have even dreamed of.

Fill up with cozy cushions in the bedroom – Go for crisp winter colours like white, blue, mint green will keep an area looking bright and fresh. Rapee cushions can be bought in every color and pattern you can imagine. Click here to see the entire assortment.

Don’t neglect your kitchen – When looking to update your living space, it’s easy to forget one of the busiest rooms in the house – the kitchen. If you’re not looking to do full-scale renovations, get a quick and easy lift with your accessories; a toaster or kettle in a popping colour like blazing fuscia will automatically add an eye-catching zing.

Sweet as candy – Candy colours and pastels are on trend this season, so maintain a winter twist with sheer coloured curtains in unusual spaces, like the conservatory or French windows.

Fluff things up – If you have floors made of wood, you probably know the feeling when toes hit floor an ice cold morning. Add a warm fluffy rug to avoid cold toes in the chilly season.

Use mirrors – Big mirrors hanging on walls will reflect daylight and make the room seem bigger and brighter. A must for shorter days!

Give your fireplace a makeover – Installing a fireplace or just updating an existing one with some new tiles can completely transform a room and nothing adds light and warmth like a real fireplace and the scent of burning wood. A de-cluttered mantel place can also work wonders.

Add metallic – If your home consists of earthy, neutral colors, add some metallic to maintain a textured finish. Keep it chic and simple and stick to the monochrome for a sophisticated edge.

The finishing touches – Get new bookends, change your picture frames, get a new fruit bowl or even just fill your home with flowers – if your tight or time or not looking to do large-scale re-decorating updating the ‘finishing touches’ in each room will make the world of difference.

Create a little nook – Fill up with fluffy cushions, sheepskin, candles and have a pair of slippers available. This space is for reading, relaxing and hot chocolate only! If you’re tight on space, want to include the kids, or just a big kid at heart making a fort out of bed sheets is also just as fun!

  • Charles Parsons Interiors is part of the largest and most diverse textile and fabric wholesale group in Australia and New Zealand. Their ranges span across stylish and contemporary collections for cut length drapery, readymade curtains and upholstery for the residential and commercial market. Established in 1915, the Charles Parsons Group is a privately owned family operation with a proud heritage and diverse expertise specialising in textiles and fabrics. Charles Parsons Interiors, one of the divisions of the Charles Parsons Group, supplies Charles Parsons Interior’s new upholstery and drapery range is inspired by trends around the globe.  The designs radiate a timeless elegance and sophistication for Australians to access fresh, vibrant, functional and versatile upholstery and drapery solutions at cost-effective prices.
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