17 Bright Ideas On Why Party Planning Is Perfect For Mums

17 Bright Ideas On Why Party Planning Is Perfect For Mums

Every day Australian women are taking business into their own hands, surviving the economic downturn, earning up to six figure salaries and redefining their professional independence as part of an industry that contributes approximately $9 billion to the economy. Party Planning isn’t what it used to be, it has come a long way from the days of the Avon lady.  In today’s business environment where the typical 9 to 5 is non-existent, it can be difficult for parents, particularly mothers, to get back into the work force as greater business demands and increased expectations eliminate the flexibility that many families require. Starting your own business and ‘partying at home’ may be the smart business option that you’ve been searching for. Anne Petracca, the National Manager of  The Body Shop At Home has given us her 17 Bright Ideas On Why Party planning is Perfect for Mums:

You Have Flexibility – With an ‘At Home’ business, you have the ability to choose your own working hours and how much or how little you work. This really is the true meaning of work/life balance! Imagine being able to earn an income equivalent to full time employment whilst still being there for the school drop-offs and pick ups, birthday parties, presentation nights and sports carnivals!

It’s Social – A fabulous network of consultants, team leaders and business managers, support ‘At Home’ business owners; it is an incredibly social environment and gives mothers the opportunity to interact with other adults, colleagues and clients, which can sometimes be a rarity when raising little ones!

Own a Business that is Yours – Even though you’re operating under a respectable and recognizable brand, your business is your own. You are responsible for your earnings and business expansion and have the freedom to pursue new ideas, incentives and build a team! You have the power to take your business wherever you like – the sky is the limit!

Part Time Hours, Full Time Salary – Many of our consultants work part time hours and earn a full time income based on their sales results. The earning potential through direct selling is endless and therefore you can earn as little or as much as you like!

Fun – Who doesn’t love a good party? At Home businesses are fun! The people you work with are fun! You literally get to party for a living!

Rewards and Recognition – Owning your own business can be a hard slog and often there is no one there to sing your praises! With The Body Shop At Home, there is a reward scheme in place recognizing people who have gone above and beyond. We even offer our consultants the chance to win an overseas trip each year, Tiffany Jewellery and fabulous products! Your success is our success and we want to thank you for it!

Brilliant Earning Potential – We’ve recently announced a brand new career plan – a plan that is a catalyst for even greater prosperity and growth. At Home businesses are supported by strategic business plans designed to increase earning potential, sales and morale. We have consultants who have businesses that have an annual turn over in excess of 1.5 million and earn a six-figure income.

Stable Brand – Direct selling allows you to start your own business under a stable brand and doesn’t require significant outlay of money like franchising. It is a viable and flexible option for stay at home mums, new business entrepreneurs and people interesting in jumping into the beauty industry.

Networking – Being part of a reputable brand whilst owning your own business is a fabulous way to network; meeting like-minded business people who can assist with your business, either through sales or advice and mentoring. All of which is highly valuable.

Specialised Knowledge – Becoming an independent business consultant enables you to specialize your knowledge; The Body Shop At Home consultants are beauty professionals who have undergone training and mentoring.

Special Occasions – Direct selling allows you to increase your earning potential by working more. For example, if you’re saving for a house or have a holiday coming up you can strategically book more parties, sell more products and increase your overall earnings for these special occasions; something that is almost impossible to do in a ‘regular’ job.

No Contracts – Whilst we would love all consultants to be with us forever, we understand this isn’t always possible and that sometimes party planning is suitable for a short period of time. Our business is designed to be flexible around you; whether you want to earn extra money until the kids go to school or use The Body Shop At Home as your full time profession, it is all about you. You work with us, not for us!

Travel – Party planning literally takes you places! Overseas, interstate, or even just to the next town – the possibilities are endless! We recently flew 8 consultants to Melbourne for an all expenses paid stylist makeover and shopping trip, all in the name of building self-esteem.

Confidence – Party planning pushes you out of your comfort zone; meeting new people, being in new situations and re-instilling independence. One of the things we pride ourselves on is building confidence in people. There is nothing better than seeing our consultants grow into confident, independent women.

Support – As an ‘At Home’ business owner, you’ll be surrounded by a supporting team of consultants who genuinely want to see you succeed. We are proud to celebrate the success of others and encourage this type of recognition.

Stress Free – Motherhood can be stressful enough, we know you don’t need any other stresses in your life and that’s why party planning is designed to be fun, easy and flexible.

Do what you Love, Love what you do – Pampering others, showcasing gorgeous and ethically sourced beauty products, fabulous earning potential, and flexibility – the reasons to love being a The Body Shop At Home consultant. Find something you love and make it your living!

  • Anne Petracca is the National Manager The Body Shop At Home™. The Body Shop At Home™ is the direct selling arm of international ethical beauty brand, The Body Shop®, which has empowered thousands of women and men across Australia to take the leap and become their own boss. The Body Shop At Home™ is a flexible, fun and vibrant working environment that provides consultants with fantastic earning potential. For more information on The Body Shop At Home™, please visit www.thebodyshop.com.au/TheBodyShopAtHome.aspx

Anne Petracca

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