17 Bright Ideas for Packing Up a House

17 Bright Ideas for Packing Up a House

Packing us a house can be a nightmare. All those clothes, toys, beds, fridges and lounges.  Ahhh the thought of it makes me want to dive under the doona.  Fortunately we have some top bright ideas to make packing up a house much less stressful.

Create a checklist of what needs to be packed and tick it off as you go – Even though it may be overwhelming at first, it will keep you from procrastinating and ensure the task gets done. Create a checklist of what needs to be packed and tick it off as you go. Even though it may be overwhelming at first, it will keep you from procrastinating and ensure the task gets done.

Pack an overnight bag full of essentials that you will need on the first night – Phone chargers, laptops, toiletries and other essentials can go into the bag for easy access.

Pay someone – Not everyone can afford to do this, but if you can it could definitely be worth paying someone to pack for you, giving you time to read more lists like this.

Pack any important bolts or screws in labelled sandwich bags – You will be able to find them quickly and it means you won’t have to go searching through hundreds of boxes to find the correct bolt to put your bed together.

Utilise as many bags or baskets around the house to cut down on the cost of cardboard boxes – It also means hoarding these things can actually be worth it, even if they’re only being utilised during the move.

Pack any paperwork or books in plastic storage containers – In the event of rain, the plastic will protect them and ensure you don’t have the unwanted stress of having to dry out important papers.  

Donate – Donate anything you don’t want in your new house to friends or family to ensure you don’t have to dispose of it yourself.

Sell any items you can’t get rid of on Ebay or Gumtree – You will make some extra money from those unwanted goods, and someone else may even find something to treasure from your old stuff.

Hire a skip bin for anything you can not sell or donate – Councils disprove of the dumping of items on the street, therefore hiring a skip bin can ensure any of your unwanted goods are removed from the curbside quickly.

Label everything – If you have important items that need to be found quickly write the name of the product on the box it is in.

Label boxes on more than one side – This ensures that when moving it into the new house you will be able to find where it needs to go quickly.

To help removalists colour code your boxes – Use different coloured textas for different rooms in the house. Again, label them on more than one side to ensure you can relocate them to the right room efficiently.

Hire a cleaner – This is a double whammy. Everyone likes their new house to be spotless, and generally clean when they first move in. On the other hand it is compulsory to leave your old property spotless. Hire a cleaner at a set rate to clean both properties.

Keep your clothes on coat hangers –  Putting a rubber band around the hanger part and then placing the clothing in a garbage bag, leaving the tied part of the hanger out of the bag. It means you don’t have to rehang all your clothes when you move into your new home.

Use any clothes not on hangers as wrappers around fragile items – This saves money on buying bubble wrap.

Use foam plates – Place foam plates between your breakable plates for extra padding so they won’t break during the move.

Donate food – Donate any food leftover in the fridge to neighbours or friends to prevent wastage and avoid moving unnecessary products. Even hand over your condiments. It’s more than likely they’ve been sitting there unused anyhow.

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