17 Bright Ideas for Photos you Have to Print and Frame

17 Bright Ideas for Photos you Have to Print and Frame

Our lives are a series of experiences, and in the digital age, it’s easy to lose the tangible memories we cherish when USB’s or original photos are lost or damaged. Printing photos is more important than ever before, as more and more memories are documented on digital devices and can be lost forever. Print out these special photos, and place them around your house, or in an album. You’ll love flipping through the prints, laughing at your crazy hairstyles and fashion choices, and smiling at the people who have shaped you into who you are.

Here are the top 17 photos you should print off and keep forever to make you laugh, smile and remember the moments that matter most.


Wedding Photo. Imagine losing the high res images of your wedding day! Printing at least one of these photos is the best way to guarantee you never lose these precious prints.

Babys first photo. This moment is unforgettable and the printed pic will always make you smile.

Babys first family photo. That little bundle swaddled in a soft blanket, nestled in your arms with your partner? Priceless.

First day of school photo. As a parent, you may be a bit teary on this day, so printing the memory is an important way to remember it clearly. Plus, your little one will love looking back at this photo on their final day of school.

First dance photo. When a son or daughter heads off to a school dance, sometimes reluctantly, it’s well worth documenting for the fashion memories if nothing else! Print this photo and keep it. They’ll love looking at it when they’re all grown up.

Recital photos. Whether you danced in musical theatre groups or loved acting in plays, your crazy outfits and stage makeup will create a great conversation starter with house guests.

Sporting photos. Remembering your grubby teammates is always fun, and you’ll love reminding yourself of the wild post-game celebrations.

First car photo. The memories of your first taste of independence is very well worth documenting. Looking back in a decade will make you giggle at the old-style shape of your car, especially if it was used when you bought it.

High school dance/ball photo. The effort, thought and fun of your final high school ball will always make you smile when you wander past this photo. Keep it, print it and display proudly, even if you had braces on your teeth at the time.

School graduation photo. These are well worth printing as you’ll look back and realise how young you were when you graduated.

Silly photos with siblings. No one knows you like family, and your siblings are always fun to take silly photos with. Even when you grow up and see each other less, these memories are precious.

Crazy nights out with friends. Print these pics and keep them for a rainy day. Looking back on that time you and your friends went to Vegas will always make you smile.

Christmas photos with family. Christmas Day is full of ups and downs with family, but it’s always worth documenting. Print out Christmas pics to show your family in years to come, you’ll all have a laugh looking back.

University Graduation photos with your family. Remembering the hours of work that goes into years of study, and the time you celebrated that time with your family is important. You’ll want to see that photo to motivate you at work, and remind you how you got to where you are today.

Your best arty photos of world monuments. It sounds dorky, but displaying arty photos of monuments look great in your home and will remind you of your holiday.

Birthday milestone photos. Big birthdays are well-remembered, but the small details are often forgotten. Print off these photos and you and your family will love to look back on them to remember your 21st, 30th, 40th and all the rest.

Adventure photos. If you’ve ever tried sky diving, bungy jumping, sand boarding, snow boarding or any other great adventure, print out the pics and document it. Own these experiences and remember how brave you were at the time.

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