17 Bright Ideas to Save Personal Energy Costs

17 Bright Ideas to Save Personal Energy Costs

It’s important, with the modern climate shifting and becoming responsible for such difficulties as the recent Hurricane Irma, to contribute how we can in our life to living sustainably. For that reason, reducing our energy usage can help tremendously with our ethical life. It also saves us money, and that should be reason enough to implement the following 17 bright ideas.

Bike To Work

Biking to work is often one of the best ways to prevent contributing to the oil and fuel needs of the modern world. Until you can run cars entirely on clean energy, it’s much more feasible to complete short distances through walking or cycling. Long distances are much friendlier from a fuel perspective if taking public transport. See what you can do, and try it out!

Insulate Your Windows

Insulating your home is the most important way to keep the heating in, reducing the need for long central heating periods in winter. Double glazing contributes to this massively, as does correctly fitted windows. Make sure you have both.

Insulate Your Roof

Insulating your roof with roofing felt helps keep the heat in and prevents it from rising and escaping. Roof repair can also prevent roof leaks from occurring, which gives you the opportunity to stay protected from the worst storms.

Turn Appliances Off

Do you really need to use that appliance? Prioritize and only switch them on when you truly need them. Try not to leave things on standby.

Buy Efficient Appliances

Appliances which have a low power usage are always going to save you money compared to their opposite. Instead of boiling a kettle constantly, use an efficient coffee machine, for example.

Water Meters

Keep an eye on your water meter. It helps you stay under your ascribed limit and prevents you from wasting hot water during long showers. Baths are also much more economical from a water usage standpoint, too.

Wear Layers

Don’t turn the heating on! Wear all those lovely jumpers you’ve been knitted during winter, and you can stay just as warm.

Low Degree Wash

Wash your clothes for longer in water colder than before. It will take longer to clean, but it is much more efficient than heating the water, and also causes colors to run less.


Upgrade your boiler to comply with modern standards and make your property more energy efficient. Some government programs, like those currently being rolled out in the UK, allow you to have a government subsidised boiler worth thousands of pounds in an effort to make the country more energy efficient.


If you’re a student, do all of your studying at the library instead of at home. Your student loan will surely cover the cost of the electricity provided.


Budget well. Setting a limit will give you a framework for how much energy to use.

Fixed Fees

Try and purchase fixed fee plans at the start of the year. They can be much more friendly on your wallet.

Shop Around

Shop around for the best energy deals! You might find a much better deal elsewhere.

Keep an eye on their usage and have conversations with them about your need to implement better energy habits.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to understand your usages and figure out where you can do better next time on a monthly billed basis.

Scrape Plates

Scraping or washing plates yourself saves on the energy and time a dishwasher needs to clean your eating implements.

Hang Up Laundry

Don’t waste time with a dryer – hang up your laundry instead!

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