17 Bright Ideas to Add Raw Food Into Your Diet

17 Bright Ideas to Add Raw Food Into Your Diet

If you have ever though about introducing more raw food to your diet then this is the list for you.  Firstly, think about your reason for trying raw food and if you have any goals or measured results you wish to gain by adding more raw food to your diet. Is it to gain energy, lose weight, detox or to simply eat healthier?  Then check out this great advice from Simone Baldwin of www.rawand wine.com


Start your day with a Green Smoothie, they are very easy and quick to make, incredibly delicious and nutritious and very addictive.


Stock your fridge with loads of green leaves such as spinach, kale, cos and silver beet.

Wash your greens all at the same time and store them in the green vege-saver bags available at the supermarket. This will save a lot of time whenever you want to make a smoothie or throw a salad together.  

A blender is probably the most useful piece of equipment because it is used for green smoothies, raw soups, dressings as well as nut & seed milks.

You do not have to invest in an expensive blender, work with what you have and if you get really into raw food, then consider buying a Vitamix ($900 but worth every cent as it will last a life time) or a Froothie ($500 and essentially a Vitamix copy)

Green smoothie recipes are all over the internet but a classic is a blend of spinach and kale, half a banana or half a mango with coconut water or plain water.

Removing the kale leaves from the stalk will take away any bitterness

Buy organic where possible, especially for the thin skinned fruit & vege and leafy greens but if you can’t find or afford organic, DON’T STRESS!

There is no stressing allowed in raw food preparation, do what you can with you’ve got.

Wash non-organic fruit and vege in a sink filled with water and half a cup of vinegar and you are good to go.

 Avoid too many nuts and seeds if you are trying to lose weight as these are high in calories but contain good fats and Omega’s so don’t avoid them all together, be judicious.

 Soak nuts and seeds in water over night or a few hours before using them to activate the enzyme inhibitors, which will aid in digestion and enhance the nutritional value of the nut.

 If you forget to soak nuts / seeds, DON’T STRESS. You are still getting nutritional value from a raw nut or seed.

If you want to go completely raw for a day or a few days to see how your body reacts and to enjoy the increase in energy then know what you are going to prepare and eat in advance. Work with a meal plan and shop accordingly.

 Do enjoy a gorgeous glass of wine with your raw meal, it does not have to be an all or nothing experience.

Introduce your family to raw food with a raw chocolate mousse as raw desserts are the door openers.

 Make 1 or 2 different salad dressings at the beginning of the week so you have a stock of dressing to quickly add to your salad if you are in a hurry.

  •  For recipes, wine recommendations and tips on eating raw, sign up to the bi-monthly e-zine at www.rawandwine.com and claim your free copy of The Healthy Glass.


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