17 Bright Ideas to Become a More Energetic Mama

17 Bright Ideas to Become a More Energetic Mama

Are you looking for more energy? Jessica Donovan is the founder of Energetic Mama, which she created after seeing countless mums in her naturopathic clinic that were tired, moody, overwhelmed and unwell. She is a qualified naturopath with over 13 years of clinical experience whose mission is to empower women to look after themselves and take charge of their own wellbeing. She DOES NOT believe you have to be perfect to be healthy. She DOES believe having GREAT health is achievable for everyone.

Energetic Mama is a 3 step program Nourish – Balance – Rejuvenate to help mums feel their best. You can find out more here http://energeticmama.com/

Real food – It is food straight from nature, it doesn’t come in a box, packet, jar or sachet. Real foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish and meat are full of energy enhancing nutrients.

Make self-care a priority – As mamas we tend to look after everyone else before ourselves and this is just not sustainable. We are no good to anyone if we are tired, moody and unhappy. It is time us mamas woke up to the fact that putting ourselves first is not just beneficial for us but for our family too. Find out the 3 reasons putting yourself first makes you a better mum here

Move daily – Find a way to move your body in a way that you love so you actually look forward to exercise. It can be helpful to get out of the mindset that we SHOULD exercise to lose weight or we HAVE TO exercise to tone up our butt! Exercise because it makes you feel good and do it with joy!

Balance go time with slow time – As mums we are go, go, go from the minute we get up to the minute we put the kids to bed! Aim for 20 minutes a day (at least) of slow time without a screen! Sit and have a cup of herbal tea and stare out of the window, lay down and stretch your body, sit on the beach and just breathe.

Cut down on caffeine – All too often we are waking up to coffee and drinking too much of it as the day goes on. Yes coffee gives us an instant boost but it is also dehydrating and initiates a stress response in our bodies, increasing agitation, anxiety and irritability. Look at the way you are drinking coffee. If you are enjoying a cup with a friend, that is probably fine but if you are using it wake up and get through the day, you may want to change your coffee habit!

Eliminate sugar – The evil S word! Sugar is all around us and we are consuming way too much of it. Again it gives us a quick boost but is quickly followed by a crash! When the sweet cravings hit, use natural sugars in fresh fruit, dates and bliss balls to curb them.

Drink smoothies – You can pack a bucket full of nutrients into a smoothie, think spinach, kale, chia seeds, coconut water, cinnamon, turmeric, mint, parsley and fruit. See number 17 for recipes!

Get your nutrient levels checked – If you are regularly fatigued you may be lacking nutrients, iron, magnesium, iodine and vitamin D are just a few examples! There are a number of ways you can have your nutrient levels checked, see a naturopath or other health practitioner with knowledge in this area.

Go to bed early – It is amazing what an early night can do to your wellbeing. Aim for a 10pm or earlier bedtime with 30 minutes of screen free relaxation time from 930pm for a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Be Present – We often live thinking of the past or worrying about the future! Stop and bring yourself to the present moment regularly. Focus on your senses, how are you feeling? What do you see? What do you smell, hear, taste? Becoming more present in your life will allow you to experience life at its fullest!

Practice gratitude – At the end of each day write down 3 things you are grateful for. This simple but powerful practice shifts us into a more positive mindset. We spend so much of our energy thinking about our stresses and worries, it is useful to spend some time to reflect on the positive things in our lives.

Don’t skip meals – Skipping meals ultimately means we are missing out of valuable nutrients, which give us energy. If time is an issue in the morning prepare your breakfast the night before. If you are prone to skipping lunch, why not make your lunch when you pack the kids lunchboxes.

Shop at the farmers markets – By avoiding the supermarket and shopping at the farmers market you will be eating more locally grown food, which is great for your health and your local economy. Read more about becoming a locavore here

Do things that bring you joy – As a mum our days are often filled up with doing things for others. Think back to before you had children, what did you love to do? Is there something new you would like to learn now? Enrol in a course or start a hobby that brings you joy. Spend time with family and friends that make you feel good!

Eat more herbs – Herbs are a powerhouse of nutrients. They are easy to grow and add wonderful flavour to your food. Throw a handful of mint in your smoothie, add parsley to your soup, make a simple pesto to add to your salads or omelettes.

Keep hydrated – Often when we are feeling tired a glass or two of water can make the world of difference. Start your day with two big glasses of water with fresh lemon juice and keep sipping throughout the day!

Follow the Energetic Mama meal plan – The food we eat has a dramatic effect on the way that we feel. My Energetic Mama Meal Plan contains Real Food recipes that are simple, nutritious and delicious. It comes as a bonus when you buy my Energetic Mama ebook here


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