17 Bright Ideas To Consider When Organising A Corporate Function

17 Bright Ideas To Consider When Organising A Corporate Function

Have you ever been asked to organise a corporate function? Sure, you’ve organised a kids birthday party or a Christmas get together but a corporate function is a totally different kettle of fish. You need to work to certain parameters and within the vision of your boss. Here are our 17 bright ideas for things to think about when planning a corporate function…..

Send Out Invites Well In Advance – Many corporate events take place during holiday  seasons that already tend to be pretty busy. If you want people to attend, you are going to have to ensure you secure the date in their diaries before anyone else does. Sending out invites early also allows people with commitments to make the necessary arrangements to free them up for the night.

Opt for a Central Location – Generally speaking, it is best to host your event in a central location. This will ensure that most guests will be able to get there easily.

Choose a High Quality Venue – A venue can make or break any event. If you want to create a controlled atmosphere, consider private function venues that members of the public cannot gatecrash or interfere with.

Implement a Dress Code – A dress code benefits everyone. Whether you request casual, smart casual, or formal, everyone’s mind will be put at rest once they know what is expected of them aesthetically.

Make Sure Food Meets Everyone’s Dietary Needs and Preferences – Most corporate events offer some sort of food to guests, whether this is a sit down meal or canapes. Make sure that your offerings meet the dietary preferences of everyone invited. Supply vegetarian and vegan options, gluten free options, and halal or kosher options for religious individuals, for example.

Create a Seating Plan – If there is going to be a sit-down meal, make sure to come up with a seating plan. This will reduce problems from developing should people begin to disagree about where they want to sit. It will also prevent attendees moving the furniture around.

Offer a Variety of Drinks – Sure, the majority of corporate events will offer bubbles to mark the occasion. But you should also offer alternatives for those who are not a fan of champagne or other wines, and for those who do not drink alcohol. You need to consider the time of day and the location as well.

Arrange Entertainment – While conversation may run smoothly, it’s always a good idea to arrange some sort of entertainment for the night. The best type will depend entirely on the tone that you won’t to give the event.

Avoid Over Scheduling – While entertainment may be enjoyable, you don’t want to overwhelm your guests. Give them time to breathe between entertainment.

Provide Background Music – Between entertainment, you should ensure that there is always good background music. This will help to prevent awkward silences.

Ensure Restrooms are Signposted – Unless you want to be bombarded with the same question regarding the location of the rest room all night, ensure they are well signposted.

Hire a Photographer – People tend to love to take home memories of an event. Hire a professional photographer to take snaps as the evening progresses. Your company can also use these for social media posts.

Hire a Videographer -If photography isn’t quite enough, hire a videographer too! Video is far more engaging and is a great way to capture the mood of an event.

Arrange Speeches – Corporate events aren’t always entirely fun and games. If you have an important message to get across, arrange speeches. Try to schedule them at a good time that will allow the speakers to be heard and enjoy themselves afterwards.

Encourage Charitable Donations – It’s good to benefit others as well as your own company through events. Encourage charitable donations throughout the night.

Have Fun! – Remember that this is an opportunity for you to let your hair down too!

Request Feedback – It’s always useful to request feedback after the event in order to improve your next one!


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