17 Bright Ideas To Creating A Happy Home

17 Bright Ideas To Creating A Happy Home

Creating a happy home is crucial if you’re going to feel like your home is your safe haven. Nobody wants to come home from a long day at work or a day running errands to feel like something is off or that they just can’t relax! Here are 17 bright ideas that will help you to create a happier home:

Make memories with your loved ones – Make sure you make memories with people you love at home. Have movie nights, play games, cook together, eat together – have fun!

Include plants and flowers – Plants and flowers help to bring the outside in, add beautiful color and texture to a home, and make us happier just by looking at them, according to studies! Having lots of them in different rooms will make your home look wonderful.

Incorporate a happy colour – Look at the moods of colours and incorporate a happy color into your decor. It doesn’t have to match the ‘mood’ you find online exactly; as long as the color invokes good feelings in you, it’s a good color to include! You could add a pop of orange, yellow, or blue, for example. Or why not mix up a few colors for a beautiful, vibrant space?

Let in more natural light – Natural light is key for happiness and productivity and creating a happy home. By installing plantation shutters you can control the amount of light you let into your home. Make sure you’re letting in that natural light during the day, even if you like more privacy in the evening.

Show off pictures of your loved ones – Put up pictures of your loved ones and some of your happy times together. Make sure it’s obvious that you live there by personalising your home!

Create a gallery wall with artwork that you love – A gallery wall can make a great focal point and show off your artistic tastes, adding to your decor theme perfectly. You can create uniformed look, or mix things up with frames of different styles and sizes.

Make it cosy with plenty of texture – Add texture to your home to make it super cosy. Make sure you can relax on your sofa with throws and cushions, and add plenty of those to your bed, too. Texture stops your home from looking boring and makes it warmer and more homey.

Make it functional – Although you want your home to look great, it should be functional too. Make sure it suits your lifestyle and that you can spend time in it the way you want to.

Display souvenirs and sentimental items – Display souvenirs picked up from trips, things your kids have made for you, and any other item that means something to you.

If it’s not beautiful or useful, don’t bring it into your home – As a rule, if it’s not beautiful or useful, you shouldn’t be bringing it into your home. Use this as a rule when you’re decluttering too.

Spend more money on things that you can enjoy – Instead of spending money on eating out and going to the cinema, spend more money on things you can enjoy at home. A barbecue can be a great tool to use on summer days with friends, and a big TV is great for family movie nights.

Create an area especially for your hobbies – If you love painting, create a special space you can do that. If you love writing, do the same. Consider your hobbies and how you can create a space to enjoy them in your home.

Have a space for pure relaxation – Have somewhere you can go when you need some quiet time. Avoid having technology in there!

Arrange the seating so you can talk – Create a conversational seating area perfect for coffee catch ups with friends and family.

Make it smell good – Your home should smell great, so consider using aromatherapy as a healthy way to achieve this.

Play music you love – Play music and dance. Let beautiful music play through your whole home – just don’t upset the neighbors!

Make your bed every day – Make it a rule that you and your whole family have to make your beds every morning. It sets you up for the day and will make you feel accomplished before you even leave the bedroom!


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