17 Bright Ideas to Enjoy Staying at Home With Partner

17 Bright Ideas to Enjoy Staying at Home With Partner

If you are self-isolating with your other half, you might start noticing little unpleasant habits and struggle from a lack of personal space. However, finding a balance in such a challenging situation is vital for both yourself and your relationship’s wellbeing. 

1. Give each other space.

Spending the whole day with your partner can be challenging, mainly if you are used to having your schedules and rhythms. However, the lockdown can last for a little longer, so understanding when it is the right time to give your partner personal space is crucial.

2. Create a routine

Especially if you are currently working from home, you should reconsider your routine to adapt it to the current needs. This step might involve changing consolidated habits, so keep working on it!

3. Rethink chores schedules

Chores and errands can rapidly become the primary reason behind arguments and frustrations. Implementing a routine from day one can help you split roles and responsibilities equally.

4. Communicate better

Staying home for such a long period can be stressful, but avoiding fights is paramount to look after your wellbeing.

5. Get in touch with a professional

If the lockdown has brought up issues that you have been trying to hide for a while, opt to speak about it and contact a couples sex therapy professional.

a couple having relationship therapy

6. Look after your own happiness

These times are proving for everybody, so make sure you have time to look after your own mental and physical health.

7. Spend meaningful time together

Spending all day together can quickly take away the excitement of seeing each other after a day at work. Plan activities to look forward to.

8. Relive old memories

Decide to organize all of your photos in an album and, a while doing do, you can have the chance to relive the memories you have together.

9. Express gratitude

Let your other half know how much you appreciate their presence, support, and help in such tough times. It will be appreciated!

10. Exercise together

With so much time at your disposal, this is an excellent chance to get back in shape, together!

11. Connect with friends

If you need a break from the other’s only presence, ring up your friends. If you have friends in common, take the opportunity to plan a virtual double date!

12. Rethink your home decor

Since you are both stuck at home, you might as well get going with the DIY projects that have been on your list for a while.

a couple building a flat pack table together

13. Create healthy competitions

Whether it is a bake-off or quiz, you only need to get inventive to add some spice to your evenings together!

14. Don’t forget about date nights!

Date nights are essential to keep the romance alive even when you spend 24 hours together. Plan and take the chance to dress up!

15. Bring your old board games back out.

Everybody has at least a cupboard full of board games and decks of cards. Take them out and start playing!

16. Have a spa day

No need to go to a spa and spend money: start a bubble bath and give each other massages instead!

17. Leverage technology

Take a virtual tour of a museum, buy more books, start a course, learn something new together – all from your phone!

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