17 Bright Ideas To Feng Shui Your Home

17 Bright Ideas To Feng Shui Your Home

Are you wondering what Feng Shui is really about?  Feng Shui is just common sense! Every culture uses Feng Shui whether consciously or unconsciously. We all place our stuff in a particular arrangement.  When done with the intention of achieving or maintaining positive results in your life that is, positive Feng Shui. Caroline Waddington is a a certified Black Sect trained, Feng Shui consultant and professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild and has her website www.Fengshui2go.com.au. Here are Caroline’s 17 bright ideas to Feng Shui Your Home: 

Clutter is stuck energy – The first rule in Feng Shui is to remove your clutter, organise your space and clean. This step is essential as clutter, dust and dirt creates a dense energy where Feng Shui cures will be minimally effective. Cures are simply the addition or removal of an item to achieve balance.

Getting organised – Has clutter got the better of you? Do you scramble around each morning looking for keys? These three simple must dos each day will help you feel a little less stressed: Keep your keys in a consistent spot; make the bed; and leave no dishes in the sink.

A sound night’s sleep (1). Black Hat Style Feng Shui focusses on personal chi enhancement. As we spend around a third of our life in the bedroom and are vulnerable to electrical and magnetic emissions, it is essential to remove all electrical appliances, especially next to the bed.

A sound night’s sleep (2) – Do you have a meter box on the outside of your bedroom wall? If so, move your bed away from that wall or if it can’t be moved, install a solid bedhead.

Romance – Do you want to attract a romantic partner or boost the relationship you are in? What does your bedroom say about your love life?  Add art depicting pairs, ensure there are two bedside tables and make room for that special someone by clearing out half of your closet.

Front door and opportunities – Ensure your front door is clean, uncluttered and welcoming.  Avoid planting ‘unfriendly’ plants here such as the thorny varieties of cactus and bougainvillea.  Add some wind chimes or a whirly gig to attract opportunities into your life.

Feeling stuck? – Check out all your doors and windows and ensure they open freely.  The environment is merely a reflection of the inner.

Want to get things done? – Have trouble finishing projects? Add some metal. Don’t like metal?  White, pastel colours and shiny objects also fit into the metal element category.

Mirrors and Feng Shui – Mirrors have multiple uses in Feng Shui. They can be used to ‘erase’ an area, double what you want more of; draw in the good, deflect an unwanted view or poison arrow and finally; enlarge an area. Ensure every household member’s head is fully visible when they’re checking themselves out in the mirror.

Water and Feng Shui (1) – Water equals money in Feng Shui. Keep all toilet seats down and plugs in unused drains to prevent your money draining away.

Water and Feng Shui (2) – Where is the best place to put a water fountain?  This depends on what you want to change in your life. If your career or life path needs a boost, a water fountain inside your home is best placed in the Career area. To locate this area, face your home, and break up your floor plan into a 9 square grid, the front middle area is the Career/Life path area.

Water and Feng Shui (3) – Money for the big ticket items can be enhanced with cures in the Prosperity area (back left corner). Water features are only one of many effective cures in Feng Shui. Ensure the water is changed & topped up regularly to ensure a constant flow. If installing an outside fountain, ensure it flows into your home and is watertight. Leaking water = leaking finances.

Your environment has an impact on you, particularly the places you spend most time in – Take photos of your bedroom, office & other often used spaces. This allows objectivity as it’s often difficult to really “see” your space when you’re living in it. How does it feel? Do you love your spaces? If not, what could you do to change them? A coat of paint or adding some soft elements might be all you need to create the haven you deserve.

Clean your desk to attract clarity, and opportunity – What do you see when you sit at your desk? Does it support the values you have for your job/biz? Today take everything off your desk, give it a good clean & only replace what you need to have at hand at various times during the day.

Are you positioned for success? – If you can, place your desk in the command position (solid wall behind and full view of the door but not in line with it) and you have a clear view in front of you (ideally you’re not closely facing a wall). If you are facing a wall, you can install a painting or picture that gives a sense of distance and depth.

Feng Shui for Real Estate – Trying to sell?  Remove any heavy items from the property that might be ‘grounding’ you to your home; clutter clear; remove personal photos and finally perform a releasing ceremony.

Intention is key – Quantum physics has proven that thoughts and intention are things. When you apply any cures with positive intentions towards a better life, it adds a magnitude of oomph that unfocussed placement alone will not achieve.

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  1. This is very helpful. Item number 1 Clutter and misplacing things I can fully relate to.

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