17 Bright Ideas To Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff.
17 bright ideas to get rid of unwanted stuff

17 Bright Ideas To Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff.

This is the perfect time of the year to think about tackling all of your clutter and unwanted stuff. Making room for any Christmas gifts is the perfect excuse to have a good clear out. But, what do you do with it all? Here are 17 bright ideas to get rid of unwanted stuff.

Bin it – If you are planning a big clear out and declutter, look at rubbish bin hire. You’ll want to donate, recycle or sell what you can. But, there might be a lot that is only good for the bin.

Recycle – When throwing away your unwanted goods, be sure to sort it into what needs throwing away and what can be recycled. Make sure any boxes and packaging goes into your home recycling bin and not just into the rubbish.

Donate to Charity Shops – If you’ve got any homeware, clothes, shoes, toys, and games that are used, but still in reasonably good condition, donate them to charity shops. Some shops even accept larger furniture. Check the requirements online and arrange a collection for any large goods.

Have a Yard Sale – If you’ve got a lot of stuff that you don’t want, sometimes a yard sale or a car boot sale is the easiest way to get rid of it all quickly. You can always donate or bin anything that doesn’t sell.

eBay – Listing things on eBay and other online sites take time, so a yard sale might be quicker if you’ve got lots. But, eBay can make you a lot more money if you are willing to put the time in and don’t mind posting things.

Facebook MarketplaceFacebook marketplace is an excellent way to advertise to a local market or just advertises to your friends and followers on your page.

Sell with an App – Selling apps are becoming increasingly popular and worth a go. Some of the best include LetGo, Gone, SocialSell and Listia.

Give it Away – Giving old goods away to friends and relatives is always nice especially if they’ve got children just a little younger than yours who could make use of all of their old clothes and toys.

Swap – Arrange swaps with friends and family, or list them online to get goods that you need in exchange for those that you don’t.

Upcycle – Sometimes we just get bored of clothes and furniture. Upcycling pieces is a great way to give them a new lease of life. Change the colour or add small details to make it more contemporary.  

Start a Business – If you discover a talent for upcycling and giving new life to old pieces, you could even start a business and make some money with your skills.

Open an Etsy Store – An Etsy store is a great way to sell your creations and old stuff and can help you to build a business if this is something that you are interested in.

Start Your Own Ecommerce Store – If you’ve already got a blog or an online presence, adding an ecommerce store is a great way to sell your old things to your audience.

Find an Antiques Dealer – If you’ve got old stuff that might be worth some money, don’t risk missing out selling online or in a yard sale, first, take it to an antiques dealer for a valuation and possible sale.

Sell Broken Electronics – Many people mistakenly believe that you can only make money from things that work. This isn’t the case. You can sell broken electronics to specialists or online.

Make a Christmas Box – Christmas is fast approaching, and millions of people all over the world won’t receive presents. Many charities accept Christmas boxes which they then distribute to those in need. Clothes and toys make especially good Christmas box gifts.  

Storage – If you can’t quite bear to part with things yet, hire a storage space or pack them away in your loft until you reach a decision. Just remember to label boxes so yo remember what you’ve saved.

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