17 Bright Ideas To Get You Through Dry July

17 Bright Ideas To Get You Through Dry July

We all know that to achieve a healthy lifestyle, we should drink more water, go to the gym regularly and cut down on our alcohol intake. Going booze-free for a whole month for Dry July might seem like a daunting prospect, but with the numerous and amazing benefits you’ll feel we’re sure it’s well worth the effort. To help get you through, here are  17 Bright Ideas to Get You Through Dry July:

Fresh start to the second half of the year – With winter in full swing, the first half of 2014 has disappeared in the blink of the eye. Dry July can be a great way to kick-start the second half of the year, and perhaps re-visit some of those New Year resolutions you didn’t quite manage in January.

31 days of being gloriously hangover-free – For 31 days, in a row, you will no longer need to utter the phrase “never again” or have to avoid eye-contact with the neighbours for your midnight karaoke session, which seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Knowing you can use this challenge to fundraise for a great cause – Dry July is a great charity asking you to go booze free for one month in order to raise funds for adults living with cancer. You can find out more information at the Dry July website.

Rehydration – The human body is made up of 70% water. Headaches, feeling hungry, constipation, and fatigue are all fixed simply by drinking enough water. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that alongside needing the loo more often, it encourages the body to lose extra fluid though sweat too, making you dehydrated. Keep yourself topped up with delicious soft water.

A more rested sleep – Alcohol might help you nod off, but even just a few drinks can affect the quality of your sleep. Alcohol interferes with the normal sleep process. When you drink a lot of alcohol close to bedtime, you can go straight into deep sleep, missing out on the usual first stage of sleep, called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. You’re also more likely to move around more and have a more fitful night’s sleep. If you drink a lot, you may have to get up in the night to go to the toilet which means you haven’t had a full night of restful sleep.

Weekends will be full of possibilities – All that extra energy you’ll havefrom a bettera night’s rest will make you wake up early, and be much more active. Whether you go for an extra jog in the park, or make the time to catch up with someone you’ve been meaning to call for a while the lack of hangover and much-needed rest will work wonders for your free time.

You might get a promotion – It won’t just be at the weekend that you’ll feel the benefits of giving up the booze. With a clearer head and more focused energy your boss will be sure to notice your extra productivity and the reports that are flying off your desk.

You can get creative in the kitchen – Going dry means it will take more than a bottle of Dom Perignon to impress your dinner guests. Alongside your beautiful cuisine, impress your guests by presenting delicious and healthy ‘mocktails’ full of fresh juices and vitamins.

Better Taste –Next time you’re having dinner, you will actually enjoy your food more without the accompanying sauvignon blanc as alcohol numbs your taste buds. To further enjoy your food whilst going ‘dry’, indulge in a palette cleanser in between each course with drink some sparkling water and a slice of lemon.

Losing weight 1 – Alcohol contains lots of calories – seven calories a gram in fact, almost as many as pure fat! So if a large glass of wine is almost 200 calories, you’re almost adding another meal on to waist line after your evening out. Drinking alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy, which means it will be harder to work off you indulgence the next day.

Losing weight 2 – After drinking too much, your body’s natural mechanism to crave fatty foods after heavy alcohol consumption. This is why the morning after the night before we often enjoy a full cooked breakfast, which can amount to over 2,000 calories in itself. Laying off the booze in the first place will help you avoid these extra cravings for fatty foods and help slim your waistline in the process.

Saving money – Alcohol is very expensive, especially in the top restaurants and bars. For every cheeky glass of wine you’d have after work, pop those dollars into a piggy bank and just see how much you can save over the month. You’ll also be less likely to splash out on those six coffees and pricey club sandwich to get you through the day. It’s rewarding in more ways than one!

Detox – When laying off the sauce for a month, not only will you no longer be pumping your body full of toxins, it will be able to better flush out any others that we get in day-to-day life from our normal diet and environmen .

Smelling of roses 1 – When you cut out alcohol you’ll instantly smell more appealing. When we drink, alcohol enters our bloodstream gets passed through the body including into our lungs which is why alcohol breath is so distinctive.

Smelling of roses 2 – After drinking heavily, some of the alcohol we consume is excreted through the pores in our skin, which can lead so a distinct odour literally coming from our skin. Sometimes even a long shower and fresh clothes can’t mask this alcoholic frgarence. Drinking plenty of nakd water will help flush out the alcohol, but going booze free will be even better.

Your partner will thank you – Drinking can also make you snore loudly. It relaxes the muscles in your body, which means the tissue in your throat, mouth and nose can stop air flowing smoothly, and is more likely to vibrate. This leads to a more fitful night’s sleep, for both you and your other half.

Idle hands make for the devil’s text messages – If you’re single, you will thank yourself from no drunken texts to your ex! If you’re with a partner, they will be grateful they didn’t have to decipher another message that said something about a turtle and actually meant you’d like to invite your in-laws to lunch.

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