17 Bright Ideas to Improve Your Floors

17 Bright Ideas to Improve Your Floors

The floors around your home are very important, shaping the look and feel of each of your rooms. There is usually room for improvement in areas like this, though, and this post is going to be exploring some which will help you to give your home some new life.

1 – Get A Better Vacuum

There are loads of vacuum cleaners on the market, and you don’t have to spend a lot to get one which will do a good job. It’s worth looking up reviews when you’re purchasing something like this.

2 – Vacuum More Often

To complement your new vacuum cleaner, you could consider using it more often, with parts of the home which see a lot of traffic benefiting from having a quick vacuum once a day.

3 – Stock Some Cleaning Solutions

Stains can be a troubling thing when you don’t have the tools to deal with them. Keeping some cleaning solutions stocked up is a great way to avoid having anything permanent on your floors.

4 – Carpet Cleaning

The chemicals you have in the cupboard may not be strong enough to handle all of your carpets, and this situation will call for a professional carpet cleaner.

5 – Adding Rugs

Rugs can be used to make plain carpets, tiles, and wooden floors feel a lot warmer. It’s worth being careful when choosing these features, as they can transform a room entirely.

6 – Buy A Mop & Bucket

Hard floors require regular mopping to stay in good condition. This will be easiest if you have a good mop and bucket to help you with it, and this makes it worth doing some research.

7 – Get Some Polish

Hard floors can also benefit from being polished occasionally, as this will brighten their surfaces and make them shine.

8 – Repair Chips & Scratches

Tiles can be easily scratched and chipped when they aren’t treated properly, but this is something which can be fixed by the right professionals.

9 – Sand The Boards

Floorboards are becoming increasingly popular, but floor sanding and polishing is a hard job, and this is something which should be left to professionals.

10 – Treat The Boards

Once your boards have been sanded, you could look at treating them to change their colour or visual qualities.

11 – Restore The Boards

In older homes, floorboards may be hidden beneath other flooring. You can expose and restore them to give new life to your rooms.

12 – Waterproofing

When you have kids, it can pay to have your carpets waterproofed, as this will make it easier to clean spills and keep them fresh.

13 – Removing Pet Hair

Pet hair can make carpets look dull and lifeless, but there are loads of brushes on the market which can make improve this for you.

14 – Preventing Splinters

Wooden floors can be a splinter hazard when they are left to become chipped and damaged, making it worth taking the time to maintain them.

15 – Brighten Grout

Tiles are almost always held together with grout, and this will go black over time. You can find loads of products on the market which are designed to clean grout, making it easy to keep this part of the home fresh.

16 – Replace Thresholds

The small metal rails which sit between rooms are a large feature of your floors, and it’s worth replacing them when they get old and rusty.

17 – Add Casters

Finally, as the last idea on this list, it’s time to think about how you move your furniture. Casters can make this a lot easier, preventing damage to your beautiful floors.

Floors are very important to any home, and most people want to keep them looking as nice as possible. Improvement is always an option, though, and it’s worth taking it whenever you can.

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