17 Bright Ideas to Improve Your Home Ahead of the Festive Period

17 Bright Ideas to Improve Your Home Ahead of the Festive Period

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…unless your property fails to boast the homely vibe that your family deserves. The early evenings and cold weather will naturally encourage you to spend more time indoors with your loved ones. Meanwhile, you are likely to have a far greater number of visitors around this time of the year. Here are 17 ways to ensure that those four walls leave you smiling.

1| Declutter – You will be getting a lot of new stuff at this time of the year. Prepare in style by getting rid of unnecessary junk before December 25.   

2| Get touch lamps – Lighting plays a crucial role in the interior design elements, especially at this time of the year. A touch lamp gives you a greater level of control.

3| Install a dimmer – On a similar note, a dimmer switch for the main ceiling light will allow you to set the mood according to the desired vibe.

4| Festive doormat – Given the number of guests that you are likely to welcome into your home, a festive doormat could be key for protecting the floors.

5| Change the locks – Burglars are on the prowl for obvious reasons. Calling a locksmith can be a key step to upgrading the security.   

6| Get CCTV – Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you install some security cameras. This can deter thieves and gain valuable evidence should a situation surface.

7| Use outside lights – The third and final security measure revolves around outside lighting. Make sure the front and back areas are lit with motion sensors.

8| Buy kitchen gadgets – The kitchen will be busy at this time. Preparing a starter or side dish in the slow cooker may make a world of difference.

9| New bedding – A good night’s sleep can improve your mood and energy levels. NEW duvets and sheets encourage the best night’s sleep.

10| Decorate outside – Your feelings towards the home begin before you step inside. Decorating the driveway or front door can have a telling impact.

11| Invest in blankets – There’s nothing like being wrapped up nice and warm on the sofa in a blanket. Get one with spaces for your hands for added convenience.

12| Change handles – New door handles, door knobs, and similar features can feel like an entire room transformation.

13| Fix water issues – Call a plumber ASAP. From boosting the water pressure in the shower to fixing leaks, those small changes make a huge difference.

14|  Use plants – If you don’t have a real tree, opt for houseplants. This will compensate for the fact you can’t get outside as often as you’d like.

15| Focus on smell – Candles and other pleasant fragrances can bring a special touch to the home for the holiday season and beyond.

16| Add personality – When decorating the home with festive items, try to add a little personal charm and character. This will make the magic even greater.

17| Stop the cold – Draft excluders and new roof tiles will work wonders for now. New windows can arrive in the new year.

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