17 Bright Ideas to Look Younger

17 Bright Ideas to Look Younger

Looking young is often the first step to feeling better about your looks, and feeling more beautiful. Here are seventeen bright ideas to keep you looking young, glowing and fresh-faced. 


  • 1.Fake fuller lips. With a liner that matches your natural lip, fake fuller, youthful lips by slightly over-drawing them. Lips tend to thin as we age, so a fuller lip gives the illusion of dialling back the clock. 

  1. 2.Wear sunscreen. Any skin exposed should be covered with an SPF. The sun can be very aging, causing wrinkles and discoloration. Don’t forget giveaway areas like the backs of your hands. 

  1. 3.Keep brows full. A full brow looks young, so don’t over shape yours. Encourage growth by covering your brows in castor oil at night. Fill in thin areas with a soft brow pencil or powder. 

  1. 4.Use anti-wrinkle cream. An instant anti wrinkle cream can disguise and fill fine lines and wrinkles. 

  1. 5.Hydrate. Water is the best beauty tool. Drink plenty of it to keep your skin plump and clear and body healthy. Water helps you body to flush out toxins too, which help you to look your best. 

  1. 6.Choose a pink or peach blush with shimmer. A warm color suggest natural radiance, and the shimmer helps your cheekbones to look more defined on the face, while adding healthy glow. 

  1. 7.Buy the best skincare you can afford. Invest in quality products and do your research before you buy to be sure what will work well for you. Read ingredients lists carefully, and be prepared to invest in the best you can afford. Remember though, that a higher price doesn’t always mean the best product. 

  1. 8.Use Vitamin A. Vitamin A encourages skin cell turnover, keeping your skin looking smooth and even. 

  1. 9.Use color correcting products. Green disguises redness from under eyes and cheeks. Apricot cancels out blue from dark circles. 

  1. 10.Wear your hair in a ponytail. A ponytail is a very young looking style. Add texture and volume with dry shampoo to keep it looking fun instead of practical.

  1. 11.Rinse hair with cold water. A cold rinse locks in your conditioner and increases your hair’s natural shine. 

  1. 12.Take collagen supplements. Collagen production reduces as you age. A supplement boosts your levels of it, stopping your skin from thinning and becoming more fragile. 

  1. 13.Prep your under eyes before using concealer. Depuff the under eye area with a cream to smooth the area, then combat dark circles with an apricot colored concealer. 

  1. 14.Apply blush the right way. Smile, and swoop the blush upwards in a tick motion. The shape lifts cheekbones, giving your face a tighter appearance. 

  1. 15.Work out. Exercise does wonderful things from your body, keeping you fit and healthy. Tauter muscles look younger, so keep active. Your skin will glow, and your metabolism will work harder. 

  1. 16.Deep condition your hair. Older hair can be more prone to breakage. Keep it healthy and shine with a regular deep conditioning treatment. 

  1. 17.Drink green juice. A green juice can oxygenate the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This depuffs and brightens your skin.
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