17 Bright Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Special

17 Bright Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Special

People are so scared to renovate their kitchens because, well, kitchens tend to cost so much that even the Sultan of Brunei gulps when he gets a quote. But you don’t have to invest a ton of money to redo your kitchen and make it special. You just have to be clever with what you do and, as always, we have 17 ideas to help you.


  1. Mix The Textures

Mixing your materials and textures is a great way to make your kitchen fizzle with interest again. It could be cream walls and a steel stove or a steel stove and mixed with a wood-effect island.


  1. Minimize Your Spending

We all want to splurge on something, but the cost is daunting. So stick to just one splurge. Spend big on the countertops but save everywhere else by keeping it as is, even if just for now.


  1. Have New Hardware

The easiest way to make tired cabinets pop like they did when they first came out is to upgrade the hardware. Swap the knobs and handles and pulls for something more modern or bolder.


  1. Love Contrast

There is nothing wrong with contrast, which means you can paint your kitchen cabinets midnight black and keep your walls white. You could even add black art – even sculptures – to the wall to add another level of wow.


  1. Get Into Wood

Bring a carpenter into you home renovation desires by seeing what genius ideas they can bring to the table. It could be a custom island made from reclaimed wood or a floating wall or a scaffold board ceiling over your table to add something a little special.


  1. A Lick Of White

Paint everything but the floors and counter in a fresh white paint to unify your space and make it look very Mediterranean.


  1. Luxury Appliances

New appliances can make a huge difference. Could be a stove, could be a kettle and toaster.


  1. Open Your Cabinets

Instead of cabinets filling every wall, try using open storage to reduce the sense of claustrophobia.


  1. Creative Lighting

Lighting is all about bright ideas. Big filament bulbs hanging over an island or hanging spotlights made from old Campbell’s soup cans. Everything goes these days.


  1. Mix Furniture

Chuck a comfy armchair into the corner of your kitchen, or have high Windsor stools, maybe even rocking chairs around the table.


  1. Better Backsplash

Behind the sink is one of the most untouched spaces and is easily turned into a feature wall.


  1. Big And Bold

Oversized chopping boards, larger than life houseplants, giant salt and pepper grinder; it all stands out.


  1. Have A Theme

Perhaps you love the idea of a 1950s style kitchen, or a pop-art infused space, or an American diner feel. Go with your gut.


  1. Be Rich With Colour

Say you have gray marble countertops, make this pop with a rich color on the walls, and accented colors dotted around the place. Know your colors.


  1. Cool And Cozy

A nice thick rug in bold colors will do the trick, as will a seated area with big cushions, perhaps looking out over the garden. What is cozier than that.


  1. Mix Metals

Don’t be afraid to have copper pots and pans that clash with your chrome sink tabs and cabinet handles. Mixing metals work really well.


  1. Redo The Floor

Most kitchens can be let down by the floor, so why not varnish it. Get the old sandpaper out, or the mop if you have tiles, and then varnish it to bring back that shine.

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