17 Bright Ideas to Protect Your Beauty

17 Bright Ideas to Protect Your Beauty

Believe it or not, ‘beauty’ is much more than the make-up we put on our face every morning, or the way we do our hair before leaving the house. Beauty comes from the inside and out, so having little routines to protect your beauty will leave you feeling confident, happier and flawless in whatever you do. Remember, everyone is beautiful, so what better way to showcase it than show the world your natural beauty! A huge thanks to Vitality Brands for this fabulous list.

Drinks lots of water – this is a must! Water not only cleanses your internal system for circulation, but it hydrates and leaves a radiant glow for healthier looking skin. Talk about multi-tasking!

Moisturise daily – with the mixing of heat and cold this winter, be sure to keep your skin hydrated to reduce irritation and discomfort. The Cancer Council’s SPF 30 Face Moisturiser deeply hydrates, and also acts as a sunscreen that is light, non-oily and suitable for everyday use with or without makeup. Available from local pharmacies and supermarkets (RRP $14.95).

Don’t overuse cleansing products – although cleansers and scrubs are great for clearing the skin of dirt and excess oil, they still contain salicylic acid, and too much can strip your skin of its natural oils. Follow up with an alcohol-free toner so your skin doesn’t dry out.

Remove makeup properly – at the end of each day, use makeup removal wipes to free your skin of pore-clogging makeup. Just cleansing once may not remove all traces of makeup.

Hydrate your lips – we can often forget to protect our lips, but winds and sun can damage them easily. Use lip balm daily, or go for a gloss that does both. Try Cancer Council’s SPF 30 Lip Gloss (RRP $9.95) or SPF 30 Lipstick (RRP $14.95) made with nourishing aloe vera and soja oil for soft, hydrated lips, whilst offering sun protection. Available in a range of colours.

Re-apply your sunscreen – Cancer Council recommends reapplication of sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection – or more often after contact with water or perspiration. So if you are heading outside for the day, make sure you keep some extra sunscreen handy.

Alternate foundation use with BB Crème – introducing the latest skin miracle, BB Crème! It works as a skin tone corrector and tinted moisturiser for colour. The Cancer Council’s new SPF 30 BB Crème also provides UV protection, is high in antioxidants and contains vitamin E, perfect for daily use and as a break from heavier foundation (RRP $15.95).

Avoid washing your hair every day – washing your hair too often can strip away its natural oils, and make the scalp dry and itchy. Try dry shampoo for the days in between, which also gives volume to your styles.

Heat defence spray – regardless if you are going for a slick, straight look or volumised curls, apply a heat protection spray to reduce your hair from drying out. This also helps give it a lively finish.

Work out! – 30 minutes of physical exercise every day is recommended as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Sweating excretes the body’s unnecessary oils, cleansing the body as you exercise, so hit the gym at least three times a week, or go for a brisk walk just before dinner.

Eat healthy – yes, it is much easier said than done, but start slowly by reducing your weekly trips to McDonald’s on a Saturday night, or ordering a salad at dinner. Getting the right balance of greens, fruits, dairy and carbs will leave you more energetic, so the next time you reach for lollies, go for an apple instead.

Take multivitamins – vitamin tablets are a great way to supplement your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy skin, hair and nails, which you might be lacking from a busy lifestyle or imbalanced diets.

Beauty oils – coconut oil, rosehip oil or tea tree oil are excellent for nourishing and replenishing what your skin and hair are missing, whether it is dry, oily, or in between. Reducing wrinkles and breakouts, it enhances your natural glow, which of course enhances your natural beauty!

Try organic facemasks – there are lots of homemade recipes for facemasks available, anywhere from potato to vinegar or milk masks. Try this every once in a while to boost skin complexion and treat yourself to a quick spa fix-up.

Give your skin a break – have one day a week without makeup, or at least very minimal. This gives your skin a break from products, oils and fragrances and will leave you feeling fresh and more confident than ever!

Renew beauty products – most mascaras and foundations have a 6-12 month limit, so be sure to replace them for effective results. Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes and sponges weekly to avoid bacteria being transferred to your skin!

Get enough sleep – this sounds divine doesn’t it? Fitting in the recommended 8-hour sleep every night allows your body to restore energy, concentration and replenish itself for what’s ahead the next day. Imagine waking up and feeling awake! That’s the guaranteed first step to beauty!

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