17 Bright Ideas To Quickly Boost Your Mood
Quickly Boost Your Mood

17 Bright Ideas To Quickly Boost Your Mood

Just like we need to take care of our mental health, we need to take care of our physical health just as much. How we perceive ourselves and how much energy we have on a daily basis is all tied up in one package so you’re going to need some good habits and behaviours to feel better in your body. Sometimes, its the small things that can give you a quick lift in how you feel. Here’s our 17 bright idea to quickly boost your mood.

Compliment Yourself – Looking in the mirror whenever you need to, after a shower or in the morning, and saying something nice can seriously boost your mood. It’ll also might put a spring in your step and set up a very good morning.

Take a Shower – Sometimes it means a lot more than just getting clean. Water releases tension and feeling clean is something the body loves. Sitting under a running warm shower, giving yourself a good scrub with a loofa brush or a quick cold shower can help to give you a surge of positive energy.

Have a Snack – Yes you’re allowed one! Plan your meals to include a snack to make sure you’re snacking every now and then to keep your energy levels up. Try to have a snack of fruit at least once a day and keep some nuts or vegetable sticks on hand to snack on between meals so you don’t go too long with food.

Drink Some Water – Water is what the body is mainly made up of, so try to drink your fill day by day. At least one glass when you wake up is enough to get you through the morning in a good mood but it is recommended to sip on 8 cups of water per day. You could add some lime or lemon to the water to give it a bit of flavour.

Sleep for Longer – When you sleep, you heal, both body and mind. So try to go to bed earlier, roughly about 10pm each night. You’ll have a great day at work and feel more refreshed throughout the day.

Get Up Earlier – On the other side, wake up earlier. If you rise earlier, you’ll get more done! Waking at the same time every day may also make you feel better.

Get Moving – Try to go for a walk or a jog once a day and make it last a half hour. Get outside in the fresh air, if you can, to help lift your mood.

Go to the Doctor – If you’re feeling really bad about yourself, talk to your doctor. Sometimes we need serious solutions to minor problems. Your GP is the best person to talk to as they deal with these issues on a daily basis and can help to direct you to the best help for your situation. You could also call a help line if you prefer.

Try Compression Therapy – If you’re suffering from medical problems in your limbs, try wearing garments to strengthen your body. Sites like bodyment offer a wide range of compression garments, which have been proven to lessen the effects of problems like leg injuries or varicose veins. Speak with your medical profession about trying this.

Listen to Music Music is something the brain loves, so get yourself moving and energised with it. Make yourself a playlist for uplifting music and find something that will boost your mood.

Talk to Someone – Talking means we’re heard and that can lift physical weight off of our shoulders. You could look for a group in your local community where you can chat. Thing about something you love to do, like craft or wine tasting then find a group with like minded people to chat with.

Start Laughing – Laughter is contagious, so get around smiley people and start laughing. Watching a funny movie or viewing a hilarious ‘cat’ video on YouTube could be something to make you feel better.

Think Better – Be logical with your thoughts to try to help yourself. You’ll feel more in control, and it’ll show. Keep a journal with what you are thinking and then review every once in a while to track your thoughts and help you to stay on track.

Wear Clothes That Fit – Wearing clothes that fit let us love our bodies! If you find something you love that doesn’t quite fit well, visit a tailor to make some alterations.

Put Good Shoes On – Sometimes, wearing some heels is enough to boost your confidence. You could also go for a brightly coloured shoe or something with sparkle to quickly boost your mood.

Recognise Your Strengths – You know what you’re capable of, so think of those more often. If you want to get better at something, take a course to improve and then you’ll start to feel great about what you can do.

Live in the Here and Now – Get off social media, it really can make you feel bad .Spend more time looking at you rather than other people and get out and meet people; you’ll feel better!

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