17 Bright Ideas to Rekindle Your Romantic Connection

17 Bright Ideas to Rekindle Your Romantic Connection

In this article, we’re going to look at 17 ways to rekindle your romantic connection with your partner and maintain a good relationship

LISTEN – The most important aspect for rekindling your romantic connection is to listen to each other, fully, and validate each other’s feelings so you both feel heard and understood.

GO ON AN ADVENTURE – Sometimes, the thrill of an adventure such as white water rafting or jumping out of an airplane is the zap you need to reignite the spark.

HAVE A BATH TOGETHER – Having a bath together can be a nice way to unwind and nurture each other, it can be as simple as washing each other’s hair and scrubbing each other’s back, or as sensual as you want to make it.

PICNIC – Having a surprise picnic after work, particularly if you make a few homemade snacks can be a nice way to reconnect and rekindle the spontaneity that was once in your relationship.

SPEND A NIGHT UNDER THE STARS – Whether it’s the whole night or just a few hours, spending a night under the stars can be a very romantic option for those looking to reconnect.

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING – Sometimes, it can be helpful to find out more about relationship counselling, as there are often issues within relationships that need to be resolved before moving forward to a place of love and laughter.

LEARN TO DANCE – The partnership required for dancing can be a useful physical activity to get you both back in sync with each other.

BREAKFAST IN BED – Everyone likes the idea of being served breakfast in bed.  It doesn’t have to be all that special, as with things like this, it’s often the thought that counts.

GO CAMPING – Getting back to nature, and going camping can mean long nights together.

TURN THE TV OFF – So many people get into a routine of coming home, turning the TV on, and vegging out together.  Break this habit and do something fun together.

LEAVE YOUR PHONES AT HOME – In a similar vein, we are all so attached to our mobile devices that it’s as if we are no longer free to just enjoy quality time together.

LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE – Learning a new language together, and then planning a trip to test out your skills can be a nice way to reconnect and build your partnership skills.

LOOK AFTER SOME KIDS FOR THE DAY – If you don’t have kids yourself, then take a friend’s children out for the day, as it’s amazing how much this will help you both bond – as there’ll be an element of the two of you and them.

FIND A COMMON ENEMY – As with the above, the feeling of togetherness that comes from it being the two of you as a unit can be very healthy… find a common enemy and work together.

HOLD HANDS – It might sound simple, but holding hands, or putting your hand on their leg whilst driving or sitting together is a subtle yet effective way to enhance connection.

TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS – So many couples bottle up their feelings, good and bad, but in talking about things the connection builds.

LAUGH TOGETHER – There’s nothing more connecting than laughing together, whether this is by going to a comedy night, watching a funny film, or recounting previous tales of fun experiences, laughter is one of the best remedies to all relationship ills.


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