17 Bright Ideas to Safely Trick or Treat This Halloween

17 Bright Ideas to Safely Trick or Treat This Halloween

Do your kids want to Trick or Treat this year? Halloween is becoming more and more popular in Australia and for many families it is fast becoming a favourite tradition. If you are thinking about making this your first year to Trick or Treat or you are a Halloween veteran, we’ve put together a no nonsense bright ideas list with tips and hints on how to make your Halloween Trick or Treat experience lots of fun and safe.

Avoid choking – Make sure any costumes your kids are wearing are not restrictive or cause a choking hazard.

Maximum vision – Kids need to have full vision so make sure that masks, hats or wigs are not obstructing their view. Think about non-toxic face paint instead or a mask.

Avoid distasteful costumes – If you are outside and amongst young kids, think about a costume that won’t offend anyone. Take a look at some of the great Costumes from CostumeBox.com.au to get some ideas.

Trick or Treat with an adult – Younger kids should always Trick or Treat with an adult and best in a small group. If your kids are older, maybe have one or two adults follow the group but hang back so they can enjoy the fun.

Light up – If you are going to Trick or Treat at night, use glow sticks (or other lights) on your kids costumes to make them more visible to motorists and other people.

Show respect – Teach your kids to be respectful of others properties so that everyone has fun.

Trick or Treat in peak hour – Aim to Trick or Treat along with the rest of the neighbourhood so there are many families about and people in their homes are ready for the fun.


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Wear good shoes – Even if they don’t quite match the costume, wear strong and comfortable shoes. This will help to avoid tripping and will also prevent sore feet.

Pay full attention – Don’t let kids use electronic devices so they can pay full attention to their surroundings.

Don’t let kids eat their goodies while they are Trick or Treating – Get an adult to review their ‘loot’ before they eat it so you can check for anything that doesn’t look right, is expired or has ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Also think about putting limits on what they can eat and ration it out.

Designate a meeting place – Make sure you talk to our kids about what to do if they get lost. Assign a meeting point that everyone knows. Also, think about writing a mobile number on your kids arm in case they get lost and can’t find their way back.

Stay in areas where you can see people Trick or Treat – Ask friends and neighbours what are the best areas in your neighbourhood. In Australia, Trick or Treating isn’t done everywhere so you might want to look for a popular area to avoid disappointment.

Look for decorations – Look out for homes with decorations or lights on to door knock. Best to avoid those homes that are dark (or with elderly or cranky neighbours unless you know them well).

Plan your route – It’s a good thing for an adult to plan a Trick or Treat route before you go. Think about which streets are quiet and ways to avoid busy or dark streets. Stick to your plan.

Beware of angry pets – Don’t enter a yard where there is a dog. If you know there are aggressive dogs in your neighbourhood, talk about it with your kids and avoid these houses. Also, don’t aggravate any pets in the neighbourhood – Halloween can be a stressful time for them.

Never go into a house – Unless they have been to a house before tell kids to never enter a house. Always stay outside and preferably somewhere that is well lit.

Take water with you – Walking around in a costume can get very tiring and in Australia it can get quite warm in October so take a bottle of water with you so you can stay hydrated.

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