17 Bright Ideas to Survive Back To School

17 Bright Ideas to Survive Back To School

A huge thanks to our friends at Target Australia (target.com.au) for this fantastic list on surviving back to school.  It’s that time of year again … the summer holidays are wrapping up and parents are frantically trying to get organised for the new school year. Preparing your child for the year ahead, while keeping your sanity, can be tricky to manage! As a parent, you want to be assured the products you’re purchasing are of the highest quality, suit your child’s needs and are the right choice for their personality and educational experience. While this period of the year can be daunting, particularly for first timers, it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 17 bright ideas to survive back to school shopping, and you’ll have your child navigating their school days with ease!


Supportive backpack
A supportive backpack should no doubt be the first item on any Back To School shopping list – and a supportive bag that spreads the weight evenly is ideal.



There are lunchboxes, and then there are lunchboxes. Make eating lunch fun for your child with a lunchbox printed with their favourite characters – whether it’s Spiderman, Lalaloopsy, or Giggle & Hoot, there are lunchboxes available in almost any character you can imagine! A lunchbox featuring your little one’s favourite character might add a familiarity and comfort to their day.

Drink bottle

Team a cool lunchbox with an equally cool drink bottle, or opt for a Bobble bottle for filtered water. Packing a drink bottle in your child’s school bag will help them stay hydrated all day long.

Quality school shoes

Your kids are on the go all day so it is important they have supportive shoes and joggers made from quality materials. Target Australia has a range of styles including Mary Janes, Lace Ups, Twin tabs and T-Bars… just to name a few. They’re made from quality leather, provide arch support, have dri-lex moisture management lining and adapt to the width of your child’s foot; and they’re just $29 a pair! 

Stock up on jocks

No doubt your little cherub has shot up over the Christmas break, calling for new clothes… underpants included. Whether it’s Dora, Thomas or Disney that takes your takes your kids’ fancy, stock up on underwear sets and have every day of the week covered!

Art Smock

Ensure longer life in your uniforms by purchasing an art smock for your child; these protect your children’s clothes from splashes of paint, colour and clay, keeping their uniform in prestige condition and saving your washing machine!

Purchase stationery sets, rather than individual pieces

Purchasing your child’s stationery in bulk is much more cost effective than purchasing everything separately. Stationery sets contain a variety of pens, pencils, markers and other essential items such as scissors, staplers and sharpeners and makes it easier to buy everything your child needs!

Label everything!

Labels will become your new best friend when the school year commences. Use them to mark uniforms, lunchboxes, bags and stationery. Better still, save yourself from rifling through the lost property bin!

Stock up on bedtime stories

Bedtime reading is a bit of an old tradition and a great way for your kids to unwind after a long day at school.

Protect and decorate your books with white covering

Your kids can get creative and show off their personality by covering their notebooks with white adhesive sheets. Get them to paint or draw onto the covered books their own designs.

Start a piggy bank

Use a cute piggy bank so your kids can collect their pocket money more easily. They make a great fund for lunch order Fridays!

Balls and games for home

Most schools have a variety of activities and team sports for children to enjoy, so purchasing the equipment – soccer balls, tennis racquets, ballet shoes – will make it easy for them to get outdoors and be active at home too!

White board / black board

A very handy tool for your child’s bedroom where they can note homework tasks, quotes they like, household chores, list ideas and work out math equations. This will help keep them on top of their tasks and stay focused on learning!

Diarise it

Keep a diary to track all events, appointments, activities, after school play dates and engagements! These can be great to look back on and remember all the things your kids have achieved for the year.

Get tech savvy

Schools these days are very different, as technology plays a major part in the learning and development process. Familiarise yourself with tablet technology such as the Thomson Tablet, available from Target Australia. They’re great for motor skills development, knowledge and understanding of computers.

Learning items for the home

Completing assignments and homework is much easier with a dedicated learning space at home; whether it be a desk in your child’s room, or a spot in your home office. Stock up on stationery and other items to make learning at home fun.

Do your research

Back To School is a period with a lot of promotions, sales and deals. Save time and prevent being overwhelmed by doing research on the products you need, their features and how much they cost. You can save time (and often money!) shopping online, purchasing all of your items in the one spot and having it delivered directly to your door or to your nearest Target store for via ‘click and collect’.


·       Target Australia has you covered for all things Back To School; whether it be for first time parents or ‘old hats’, Target has products to suit every child and every budget. Shop the Back To School range now at http://shop.target.com.au/c/school/W93744

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