17 Flooring Options For Your Home And Office

17 Flooring Options For Your Home And Office

Thankfully the evolution of flooring has changed somewhat since ancient history, when some people would use compact trash or levelled dirt to create a surface fit for walking. One can only assume this was not kind to bare feet. As time progressed so did the covers that graced our floors, with a whole range to suit tastes and texture under shoes and foot we are spoilt for choice. This listicle covers 17 different flooring types you may consider for your residential or commercial space.

Wool – Pure wool carpet is considered to be a luxurious, soft flooring which helps create a homey feel in any residence,.used mainly in residential homes.

Vinyl – Thin flooring made primarily from plastic properties also referred to as linoleum. This is a cost-effective choice, also suitable for areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms/kitchens.

Hardwood – Real wood floors will create character in any setting with a wide range of styles to suit, such as oak, pine or even eco-friendly flooring like bamboo.

Laminate – This flooring replicates the look of hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is made from layers of fibre, with a wood effect veneer fixed on top.

Stone effect – This timeless flooring emulates the look of stone both visually and in texture.

Granite – A part of the stone flooring family, granite is an expensive, luxurious flooring type, familiarly found in stately homes and luxurious hotels.

Pebble flooring – Created by using multiple pebbles, once arranged on the floor, you merely pour a solution such as cement over the pebbles, and scrape off the excess solution and leave to dry.

Textured cut pile – This type of carpet is tightly weaved and demonstrates a distinct pattern present across the entirety of the carpet, commonly referred to as trackless. Meaning unlike other carpets, it will not leave footprint marks.

Nylon – The first synthetic carpet made of strong fibre, is resistant to abrasion and maintains the plumpness it formerly possessed when purchased new.

Concrete – Associated mostly with industrial and business premises, with the option of coloured concrete a few choose this for the home.

Polyester – The most popular form of carpet used in homes, due to its soft exterior, suitable for walking on barefoot and cost-effective in price.

Porcelain tiles – Due to its durability, porcelain is a popular choice for shopping centres and office buildings.

Acrylic – A synthetic flooring option likened to wool, this flooring naturally wards off insects and poses as a insect repellant.

Encaustic tile – Ceramic tiles made up usually of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 different colours of clay to form different patterns. The designs are typically symmetrical in some fashion and may be found in and outside of Victorian homes.

Travertine stone – A form of rock and a type of limestone, usually available in colours such as cream, brown and rusty colours, well suited to classic farmhouse kitchens and rustic living spaces.

Limestone – Limestone is a sedimentary rock with hardwearing properties, which is why it’s best suited for high traffic areas.

Cork – An understated flooring option, with a soft almost springy texture underneath your feet, cork flooring, is the perfect eco-friendly option.

With a choice of 17 floor coverings to choose from, you are bound to find something to suit your home or office space interior style.

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