17 Fun Activities For The Whole Family That Involve Water

17 Fun Activities For The Whole Family That Involve Water

When the weather gets really hot each year, there is nothing like cooling off with some fun in the water. Whether you enjoy swimming at the pool, doing things at the beach or running around the sprinkler in your backyard, a lot of summer fun can be linked to activities that involve water. But if you’re tired of doing the same things over and over again, maybe it’s time to try a new pastime that involves water to mix things up.

  1. Liquid Limbo

If you have a few friends who want to play a game involving water, this one is loads of fun. A stream of water from your garden hose replaces the limbo stick so that you get a splash of water on you when you can’t bend down low anymore. 

  1. Swimming

Swimming is probably one of the most widely enjoy pastimes of summer across the world, and for good reason, too. You can swim in the ocean, a lake, a river or a pool and there are lots of games that you can play in the water once you learn the basic techniques.

  1. Water Balloon Fight

If you want to have some fun running around on a hot day in summer, you should buy some water balloons and have a fight. You can throw them at people or at the ground and when they explode, all of the water will come out of them and make you wet and cool.

  1. Kayaking or Canoeing

If you want to enjoy a quiet activity on the water, you should try canoeing or kayaking. Anyone can learn how to paddle one of these small boats, so it is fun for the whole family if you want to go on a boating adventure together.  

  1. Water Experiments 

If you want to teach your children about the properties of water, you should do some experiments with them at home that involve water. For example, testing if certain items can float, or how quickly an icecube will melt in the sun. This is a great way to educate your children, while keeping cool on a hot day. 

  1. Slip N’ Slide 

If you’re after summer fun, you can’t go past the slip n’ slide. These days you can buy a slip ’n slide from most good toy stores, but you can also make one at home from a tarpaulin and some soap and water. You don’t have to spend big to have a good time! 

  1. Stand-up Paddleboarding 

If you have access to a stand-up paddle board and a calm lake, you’re in for a real treat. Not only is it a very easy and relaxing activity to do, it is also great exercise. Stand-up paddle boarding is great for your core and anyone can do it, so it is lots of fun to do. 

  1. Diving 

If you enjoy swimming and want to see what perks below the surface of the water, you should try diving this summer. Whether you are an inexperienced diver and you just want to go snorkelling or you are more experienced and prefer to scuba dive, diving can be a great activity that all can enjoy. 

  1. Surfing 

Whether you are young or old, surfing is something that most people can learn to do. If you’ve never surfed before, it is worth getting some lessons, so that you know how to stand up and catch some waves before you go on your own. However once you learn to ride the waves, you’ll be addicted and want to surf all summer. 

  1. Sprinkler Fun

If you want to have some summer fun with water in your backyard, you need to get a sprinkler. Sprinklers can be very refreshing on a hot summer day because they will squirt water at you when you walk by them to cool you down. 

  1. Boating

If you like to venture out on the open water without having to get wet, you should go boating. Boating is a lot of fun for those who know who to sail, but you need to invest in a boat to make it out to sea. Online retailers like Grays boats have many boats of different sizes for different needs, so you will be sure to find something in your budget that works for the whole family. 

  1. Fishing  

Fishing is a sport that truly is fun for the whole family. Catching your own fish is a lot of fun and you can learn a lot about the local wildlife and conditions in your area just from learning how to fish. Also, you’ll never go hungry if you learn how to fish, because you can catch your own fresh seafood. 

  1. Water Obstacle Course 

If you want to get some exercise on a hot summer’s day, you should create a water obstacle course for yourself and your family. All you really need is a hose an a large open space to set up your course. The rest is up to you, so get creative and don’t be afraid to get wet.

  1. Jetskiing 

If you like to glide fast across the water, you can’t go past a jetski. A personal watercraft can be a lot of fun because you can use it to go wherever you want to very quickly. Just remember to wear a lifejacket and to be careful of other people nearby while you are on the water. 

  1. Beachcombing

If you find yourself at a beach, lake or river and you don’t want to go in for a dip, you should try beachcombing. There are lots of interesting things that the current will move around a body of water, so you may find some shells, some driftwood or even some buried treasure if you look hard enough. 

  1. Tubing

If you like to have some fast-paced fun on the water, you should try tubbing. Tubbing involves the towing of an inner tube on top of the water, and it can be very fun to bounce around on the waves while you sit on top of the tube. And if you fall off, you get wet, which is exactly what you want on a hot day. 

  1. Wash The Car

If you are looking for something to do that involves water and will tick off an item on your to-do list, you should wash your car! It might not be the most fun activity, but you will get wet doing it and you won’t have to do it later on. 

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