17 Gardening Tips For Those Who Don’t Enjoy Gardening.

17 Gardening Tips For Those Who Don’t Enjoy Gardening.

Let’s face it; despite our desire for a great home garden, not many of us want to spend hours of our lives planting, pruning, and weeding. Thankfully, there are ways to improve your outdoor area with minimal effort.

Lay down artificial grass

If you don’t want to spend all summer long mowing a lawn, this will make your life much easier. You will have less pesky weeds popping up too.

Consider hydroponic gardening

This is a gardening method that can be started indoors or out. Unlike traditional gardening, this is a water-based rather than soil-based method of growing plants and requires little maintenance. And with water control equipment that can be bought online at https://thehippiehouse.com.au/collections/bluelab, you won’t have to spend hours fussing over the needs of your plants. Commit to research online to find out more.

Choose plants that are easy to maintain

Some plants are low-maintenance, so when choosing what to plant outdoors, consider such types as Honeysuckle and Forsythia for your garden. 

Plant evergreens

These are the plants that grow all year round, so while you will need to maintain them, you won’t have to worry about what to plant each season. Daffodils, Dahlia, and Lavender are popular examples.

Fake your garden

Not only will artificial grass make your life easier, but consider purchasing plastic flowers too! You can embed them in your soil or place them in hanging baskets to give your wall exteriors a lovely touch of colour. 

Hire a gardener

Obvious, we know, but if you can’t be bothered getting your fingers dirty, hire somebody else to do it for you!

Get your kids involved

Hey, your children probably need some time away from their smartphones, right? Get them involved in some of your most tiresome garden chores, such as weeding and pruning, and then reward them for their efforts.

Contain your plants in one small area

You don’t need to plant in every corner of your garden. Choose an area that could benefit from a burst of colour, and use that as your base for planting. You can still add decor around the rest of the garden, such as outdoor lights and coloured stones if you want to add more of a wow factor.

Have less grass

If artificial grass isn’t for you, why not add patios and decking to your garden? By laying them over part of your garden, you will still have some greenery to enjoy, and you will also have something to add greater functionality to your garden.

Buy a robotic lawnmower

Robots are the future, right? No, they are for right now! Buy one of these beauties, https://au.pcmag.com/the-best-robot-lawn-mowers, and let it get to work on your garden for you!

Invest in an automatic watering system

Can’t be bothered to water your lawn or flowers? Then look online for a self-watering system so you don’t have to!

Use mulch to keep weeds at bay

Create your own mulch using compost, straw, leaves, and wood chips, and place it in areas where weeds are likely to grow. This will act as a natural weed barrier as you will blocking their access to sunlight.

Plant low-maintenance vegetables

Save money by growing your own food, but plant those that are easy to grow and require little maintenance, such as cherry tomatoes, beans, and peppers.

Attract beneficial insects

As a means to keep pests under control, introduce those plants that will attract beneficial insects who will do the job for you. Here are some examples; https://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/pest-control/plants-to-attract-beneficial-insects.

Add self-seeding plants

The ultimate in low-maintenance, these plants will take care of themselves, with minimum effort from yourself; https://www.thespruce.com/best-self-sowing-annual-flowers.

Used raised beds

Raised beds are perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time digging, so consider the option when choosing where to plant your flowers and vegetables.

Remember the benefits

Finally, remember that with a little bit of effort, you can create a garden worth spending time in. So, despite your lack of gardening passion, if you want to enjoy your outdoor area, keep in mind the benefits that your hard work will bring. Use these final suggestions to create a relaxing garden area; https://17brightideas.com.au/why-dont-you-relax-more-in-your-garden/.

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