17 Gift Ideas For The New Home Owner

17 Gift Ideas For The New Home Owner

Anyone who’s just moved into their own home for the first time has got a lot on their plate! So it’s up to you, as their dear friend or loved one, to help them out here. Christmas is coming – one of the best things you can do is buy them something to take care of their new home. 

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A Welcome Mat

First thing to buy; it’ll help them feel more welcome in their new home! It’s a very homey, comfortable gift. 

Blankets for the Bed

Help make their new bed be more comfortable with some soft, plush, thick blankets they can drape anywhere and everywhere. 

Cushions for the Sofa

Everyone loves a good cushion! They help to fill the negative space on the sofa, and they come in all kinds of designs. 

Art for the Walls

If their walls are empty, get them a nice photo or print to hang up and fill the space with; it’s very personal! 

A Handy Vacuum 

A good Stick Vacuum will help them get into the cleaning habit, and make it much easier to keep up with. 

A Sturdy Broom

Something for the cupboard under the stairs! We all need a good broom, but rarely do we actually have one. 

A Proper Tool Set

If they’re new to DIY, getting them a tool set will help them settle into that homeowner role good and proper. 

Specialised Cutlery

Do they have cheese knives? What about steak knives? If not, help to christen their kitchen with a set including them. 

Items for the Bookshelf

Bookshelves are always empty when we first move in. Get them some bookends, or paper weights, to show off in between paperbacks. 

Homey Candles

A good candle will leave a lovely smell behind, and that’ll certainly help to beat those new home blues we can feel. 

A Recipe Book

If they’ve never really cooked before, make sure you give them a recipe book to follow. They’ve got a whole kitchen to use now! 

Garden Ornaments

If they have a garden, get them something to put out there while they wait for the flower patches to grow properly. 

Something to Bake With

If they don’t own any pans or dishes, get them a good, easy-to-clean set to start baking with. You never know, you might get cake as thanks! 

Something for the Dining Table

The dining table needs a centerpiece! Get them a vase or decorative ornament to set the table around for parties. 

A Potted Plant

A good potted plant will brighten up the place, and help to clean the air. Even just a couple of succulents will work! 

A Personalized Mug

If they don’t have much crockery to go in the cabinet, get them a personalized mug or two to sip out of. 

A Subscription

If they don’t have Netflix, or NOW TV, why not purchase a subscription for them? It’ll definitely help them to settle in well. 

Know a new home owner? Buy them something useful!

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