17 Home Projects That Are Worth Your Time

17 Home Projects That Are Worth Your Time

We’ve already touched on the outdoor tasks that could be just right for you and your space, so let’s take it back inside with some of the big and small projects you could dedicate your time to this coming season!

Think About Your Space – Before you use all your energy on redecorating, maybe now’s the time to consider a move? You can even check out some double storey house designs for building your own place, if you’ve got the time, money, and effort on your hands!

A Cozy Doorway – If the entrance to your home doesn’t look inviting, fix that with an outdoor plant, maybe a chair to sit in, or simply throw down some gravel on your drive and make it crunchy!

Tidy Your Cupboards – Now that you’ve got some time on your hands, go through all your storage spaces and sort your stuff out. Get some divider trays and order your items up; it’ll give you peace of mind and make finding things a lot easier.

Change Your Lighting – Your light bulbs won’t be as bright anymore, so break out some energy saving LEDs and change that. Or even get a new fixture; there’s nothing like a cascading lampshade!

Find a Fun Wallpaper – You don’t have to cover all your walls in it, so save some money there. But if you’ve got a fixture, like your bathroom sink, put some of this funky wallpaper around it to light the space up.

Paint Your Ceiling – And why stop there? Add some molding to it too, and make it a lot easier to hang up drapes and curtains for that party perfect setup you’ve always wanted!

Wash Your Curtains – It’ll make the room look a lot lighter, and introduce a lovely fresh smell to your living space.

Install Some Shelves – Inside of your cupboards or just mount them on a spare wall. They don’t have to be straight plinths either!

Put Up a Mirror – It’ll help make your space look bigger, especially in a hallway. Not to mention make getting ready a lot more convenient!

Focus on Your Corners – Specifically, lighting them up. Corners can be dark, feel free to mount another light there.

Throw Down a Rug – Rugs make everything feel more homely, but find the right type for your needs.

Hang Up a Painting – If you’ve got a wall that’s just negative space, a painting or some wall art would fill it nicely.

Think About Your Feature Wall – Does it have enough features? Adding a clock face to it would be a great idea!

String Up Your Photos- When you don’t have a mantelpiece, this will display your memories.

Build a Coffee Table – It’ll be an interesting centrepiece, and you’ll be proud of your creation.

Get a Tray – And put your keys, wallet, hairpins etc. in it, and lay it out on that new coffee table.

Reupholster Your Chair – And finally, take the time to fix up Grandma’s old chair with the material and design of your choice!


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