17 Ideas To Improve The Outside Of Your House

17 Ideas To Improve The Outside Of Your House

Are you looking for ideas to improve the outside of your house? While many people focus all their attention on the inside of their home, the outside often seems to go sadly neglected. Now is your time to put all this right and focus your attention on the outside and get serious about curb appeal!

Paint Your House – Probably one of the most drastic ways to give your house an entirely new look, but one that will really make people sit up and take notice! Do your research, survey your surroundings and even speak with a colour consultant to get the right colour but it will be all worth it when it’s done. 

Paint Your Front Door – A much easier job to do (and a job you can probably do all by yourself in a weekend) than painting your whole house. Remember to sand down any rough edges before painting the front door and apply a couple of coats. Why not try a red or dark blue door to add some real interest? 

New House NumberThere is nothing like a bright, shiny new house number to breathe some new life into your house. This will also help the pizza delivery guy find your house faster. Win – Win!  

New LightingWhy not choose some lighting that highlights the best features of your home, as well as giving it an added sense of security? Don’t forget to get an experienced electrician to  do the job if there is any wiring required but for something DIY, why not look at solar lighting. 

Sort Out the Garage DoorsYou could either give the garage doors a lick of paint, install some new ones entirely or fix up what you already have! Even a simple clean down will go a long way to improve the outside of your house. 

Replace the Driveway – Putting in a new driveway is something that we tend to put off for a long time, but it really is one of the most satisfying jobs to finally get done. You might need to check with council for the approval process and get a couple of different quotes for any work to be done. 

Clean the WindowsA very simple job, but one you will appreciate from both the inside and the outside of the house. You can get someone in to do the job or simply get yourself a window cleaner/vacuum to breeze through the job yourself. Easy and effective curb appeal improver. 

Replace the Window FramesFrames that have become old and rotten don’t look too attractive – it may be time to get them replaced! If you can’t afford the whole house, start with the window frames that face the front to improve the outside of your house.  

Plant FlowersIf you have any sort of front garden, now may be the time to plant some nice colourful flowers to brighten up the place. Even if you’re not a green thumb, buy a few pots and add some simple colourful perennials and really make an improvement to the front of your home. 

Hanging Baskets If you don’t have a garden, you can simply put up some hanging baskets with your favourite flowers. If you don’t have a front porch where you can hang the baskets, you could even hand them from a large tree.

Change the RoofingMany people’s eyes are drawn naturally up, so try calling in the professionals to give your roof an entirely new look. They can repair broken tiles, change the colour or add a whole new colour bond roof. 

Draping IvyPutting up some draping ivy across the house can really add a natural feel to the brickwork, and is a really classic look that seems to come from a different era. Also consider a vertical garden on a wall if you are looking for a more modern, natural look. 

Install an Entrance GateNothing looks more impressive than pulling up to a house to be greeted by an impressive entrance gate. Consider the style of your home and choose a style to suit. 

Spruce Up the FacadeOld and ugly brickwork can be repainted, repointed, or rendered to give it a fresh look. Remember to keep it in style with the property and the other houses on the street. 

Outdoor OrnamentsNothing shows off your personality more than having a few outdoor ornaments on the lawn or in the front garden. They will provide a great talking point for the neighbours! Think beyond a gnome… 

New Front Door MatA very simple thing to replace, but front door mats can end up looking tired and old after a while. Invest in a new one to give your house a nice, new feel. 

Replace the Guttering – As well as being functional, the guttering holds a prominent place on your property so it is worth making sure that it looks good. While you are upgrading, look at getting gutter guards to help prevent leaves and twigs from building up and saving you extra work down the track. This is a great way to improve the outside of your house.

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