17 Outdoors Maintenance Tasks For The Home

17 Outdoors Maintenance Tasks For The Home

We spend most of our time indoors in our homes, so we hardly give the outside a second glance. Only until something goes wrong or out of hand do we feel the need to maintain our gardens, pathways, gates, driveways, and garages. It’s a bit of a strange way to live as the outside is exposed to the harshness of nature’s the raw power. We couldn’t comprehend spending a night outside in our gardens with no protection yet we expect the outside to look just as good as the interior. Only good old fashioned elbow grease is going to maintain a good standing exterior of our home.

The pathways that lead up to the front door of our homes are like the guiding lights for airplanes at airports. People really do take notice of the condition of them. A good strong hosing down with hot water will disperse any grit, soil, insects, and dirt that clings to the surface of the slabs.

Weeds like to grow in damp and dark conditions. Unfortunately if left to do so they can sprout in between gaps of your slabbing. Simply pour weed killer down the line of the gaps and then either lay some concrete or plastering to join the slabs together again.

Cleaning outside of the entire home is a big task, but you can simplify things. Again with a hose down the bricks. With some household dishwasher liquid, put on a pair of gloves and scrub each brick with mild pressure.

If there is mildew clinging to the exterior, dishwasher liquid on its own won’t do much. Mix some lukewarm water with bleach and the dishwasher liquid and with a soft brush clean the mildew off.

Rain and dusty winds will cause the windows to get dirty over time. The outside of the windows should be hosed down with some lukewarm water first. Next, use a window cleaner solutions to scrub only the windows and not the frames. Allow the solution to rest for a couple of minutes before hosing if off.

Clean the frames with some uPVC cleaner that is made for taking stains off plastic surfaces. Most window frames are a combination of metal and plastic, but the moving parts, i.e., the extenders and hinges are the only metal parts. Stains are much harder to get off of plastic, so you need to find this kind of specific cleaner.

Buy deeper plant pots for any plants that you have outside in your garden. When the rain splashes down, the droplets of water are traveling fast enough so that when they hit the soft soil, they can eject pieces of dirt outside the pot. With higher edges and the plant sitting deeper, this can be averted.

If you have just a patch of soil that is in your garden with no edging, the same exact thing is going to occur. Soil must be kept in control, and it isn’t just rain that wants to dislodge it. Nocturnal animals do their hunting at night, and lots of insects prowl and live in the dirt. This means that soil is kicked up by the hunting animals. Installing edging isn’t something that you need to call an expert in for either.

Fences are some of the worst hit by nature’s forces. It’s very easy for them to get consistently damaged. They are thin sheets and planks of wood that get soaked by the rain and then take time to dry again. If they are struck by heavy winds when they’re still wet, it’s easy for them to crack and pieces of wood to become loose to the point they fall off. It’s wise to put on a new layer of varnish every four months.

Grime, dirt and bird droppings make the fences look uncared for. Simply grab a wire brush and start cleaning off these patches wherever you find them. Don’t be too harsh as you only want to get the much off and not the varnish or paint underneath.

If these stains won’t come off with just brushing, use an oxygenated bleach and a good leather scrubber. Hose the fences down with a power washer afterward but keep the water away from the where the fence is fitted, i.e., nails and glue.

Garage doors are by far the largest moving object of any home. They can weigh a couple of hundred kilos, and all that’s doing that pushing and pulling is the motorized chain. Cover the chain with a good thick grease that will lubricate it, so the action is smooth

By calling in professionals for roller door servicing they can do this for you as well as re-adjust the safe opening and closing limits of an automatic door.

Cleaning out the gutters is one thing but checking for cracking is another ball game. Get up on the roof to see the condition of your gutters, and if you see splits, it’s time to call a company for a replacement. In the meantime repair the cracks with some waterproof tape.

Now that you’re on the roof, it’s best to clean all of your tiles and or shingles with a power washer. Any grime, dirt, and moss growth needs to be kept off your roof. Over time these things cause irregular water flows and blockages.

Any cracking and loose tiles and shingles need to be replaced immediately. Once a leak happens, the damage to the interior is very costly just to examine in detail.

Give the driveway a good power washer once-over all well. Any pebbles and stones that you drive over get pushed into the surface. This can cause the beginning of a split on the surface. It’s also a good idea just to take a broom and sweep leaves and dirt away, so the place looks nice.

  • It’s great that we love our interiors but what allows the interior of the home even to exist are the four powerful walls. The roof and the fence are parts of the home we rarely interact with so we figure they don’t need as much maintenance. However, it’s not as simple as that as wildlife, winds, and rains all weakened these areas over time. The garage door doesn’t just mysteriously open when you press a button. The motor and the chain work hard to consistently pull the heavy door open every day, so feed them with some good grease.


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