17 Places in the World To Eat!

17 Places in the World To Eat!

If you love food and you love traveling, there are so many places for you to go in the world. But how about places in the World to Eat?  With delicate local cuisines to world famous national dishes, here are the 17 best places you should go to have your taste of the world (and the food).

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The city in Vietnam is full of food vendors, with the most beautiful local cuisine. The best Vietnamese foods are simple, effective, and spicy!

Sydney, Australia

Now you may think that’s the typical Australian fare of barbecued meats and fish, washed down with the occasional beer is hardly the pinnacle of culinary delights, but you need to try their juicy barbecued meats. Not only this, but there are loads of traditional and diverse eateries, from Thai food to delicious Italian fare, the city has it all!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is now home to a vibrant food scene, with various delicious home grown meats, such as Irish ham hock, as well as its famous whiskeys.

Tokyo, Japan

The greatest place to get sushi, of course. But there are other delicacies, from unagi eel to tofu, washed down with Asahi beer and Sake (Japanese rice wine) you will have a full belly, and you’ll be ready for karaoke!

Sicily, Italy

If you want to get a taste of the Italian lifestyle, you won’t go far wrong with arancini, washed down with a beautiful Marsala wine.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you like your kebab meats, koftas, and tagines, you will love all that Moroccan cuisine has to offer, all while enjoying the famous Red City.

London, United Kingdom

While a cultural hub for eateries from all over the world, if you want to your authentic British fish and chips, washed down with a pint of ale, this is the place to get your authentic pub experience!

Richmond, Virginia, United States

For the real, deep south eating experience, you need to gorge on deep fried pulled pork, known as pork fries, or eat a peanut butter pie, or just go for the old favorite mac and cheese!

Jaipur, India

If you’ve never had a curry, after eating one in the country it was born, you will never want to eat anything else again! While quite spicy for some, you can cool down a beautiful Rajasthani goat curry with some raita, a yogurt based condiment.

New York

Not just the place for standard American burgers and fries, New York has an abundance of innovative chefs trying to buck the trend. Or if you are just after the traditional American experience, you can always go for pizza in a cup!

Lima, Peru

If you’ve never eaten fried guinea pig, this is probably the best place to start! Wash it down with a chicha morada, a drink made from pineapple and purple corn, but this might not be one the whole family would be willing to try!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

If you love seafood, this is the place to go. The classic seafood boil Is a great place to start or try the gumbo, a seafood stew.

Mendoza, Argentina

The country for steak! The legendary “asados” are to die for, washed down with a homegrown Malbec wine.

Lyon, France

It wouldn’t be fair to leave the French off this list. The French make something as disgusting sounding as tripe and turn it into a delicacy, but if you’re not feeling brave, you can go for the cheeses.

Antalya, Turkey

This is the place for Meze, fish kebabs, and the fried red mullet. Of course, there’s the beautiful sweet treats, which can be found in the vast majority of Turkish breakfasts.

Bangkok, Thailand

The smells of the upmarket restaurants to the traditional street vendors draw you in with lemongrass and chili that is so strong that you have to give some of these meals a try. Even fried oysters are something to behold here.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you love your coffee, wine, as well as traditional Danish foods such as their pates and pastries, this is somewhere for you to sit and watch the rolling rivers and beautiful European skies.

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