17 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decorate Your Home
questions to ask yourself before you decorate your home

17 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun, but not if you fall out of love with your chosen style a few months, or even a few years down the line! You want to make sure you get it right and that your style lasts for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, here are 17 questions to ask yourself before you decorate your home:

How Do I Intend To Use This Space? – Knowing how you will use each space in your home can help you to set an intention, which will help you to choose the right elements and style for each aspect.

What Decor Styles Make Me Feel Happy And At Home? – Knowing what makes you happy is key. What styles make you feel like you’re at home?

Do I Need To Make This House Safe For Kids And Pets? – If you have kids or pets or you might have them in the near future, how can you make the home safe for them? For example, you’ll need to have a place to lock away toxic materials, and a slippery floor isn’t always great for pets! Locks on windows and fences around pools are a must and should not be compromised by design.

Is There A Way I Can Contribute To A Greener, Healthier Planet With My Home? – Contributing to a greener planet is important, so how can you do that with your home? If you’ve purchased one of the new house and land packages, you can usually feel confident that your home will be built with future safeguarding in mind.

Do I Want To Have Friends And Family Over? – If the answer is yes, how can you create conversational spaces and places to catch up with your loved ones?

Where Will I Enjoy My Hobbies? – Is there a space you can use especially for reading, writing, building model airplanes, or doing something else you love?

In What Way Can I Make Sure Technology Doesn’t Take Over The Home? – Having tech in every room isn’t a great idea. Keep it to a couple of rooms so you have spaces you can relax in.

Should I Get A Professional To Help Me With Certain Elements? – A professional eye can make all the difference if you’re unsure!

Have I Figured Out A Realistic Budget? – Knowing your numbers is key to making sure you don’t go into debt. Design a budget then stick to it.

Is This Going To Be Safe From Intruders? – You want your home to feel like a safe haven. Smart alarm systems are always a good idea!

How Will I Keep Clutter At Bay? – Clutter and even visual clutter can ruin the look of your home. Think about giving your home a de-clutter – donate, throw away or put into storage.

How Will I Incorporate Plenty Of Storage? – Storage is key if you have lots of people with lots of stuff living with you. You could try furniture that doubles up as storage.

How Can I Make Sure This Will Look Right Before Doing Something That Can’t Be Undone? – There are many apps out there that can help you see a ‘look’ before you need to commit or make a mistake.

Do I Have Accurate Measurements? – Do your measurements multiple times to make sure they are correct. Invest in good equipment such as a tape measure or laser measurer.

Have I Identified The Styles That Speak To Me Most? – Looking on sites like Pinterest can give you a solid idea of what you want to achieve.

Have I Chosen The Right Light Sources? – Having task lighting and mood lighting in the right rooms is very important.

Is This Something I’m Going To Love In The Long Term? – Will you like these ideas years down the line? You need to decide of your willing to spurge for something fashionable now or invest in classic pieces that can work with many styles.

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