17 Reasons To Buy A Brand New House

17 Reasons To Buy A Brand New House

If you have been thinking of moving to a bigger home, you may well have considered buying a house. After all, a house offers more space, and, of course, more rooms that you can design to your specific taste!

But have you ever thought about purchasing a brand new house? Many people would simply look for pre-built properties to move into, but there are some advantages that a brand new home would have over them. Here are 17 reasons why it makes sense to move into one:

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1. You are the first owner

Yes, this is an obvious fact but you really would be the property’s first-ever owner. If you thought buying a brand new car was awesome, imagine how you’d feel with a brand new house!

2. It isn’t as expensive as you might think

Believe it or not, new build properties are actually quite affordable. Check out Bellriver for a few examples!

3. It’s fresh and modern

The problem with pre-built properties is they will often need modernising. That’s not an issue you will have with a brand new house.

4. You’ll be buying an eco-friendly home

Newly built houses come with all kinds of energy-saving technology. They are also well-insulated, meaning your heating costs will be low.

5. No onward chain

You don’t have to worry about onward chains – i.e., waiting for the seller of your future home to finalise the purchase of their new home and so forth.

6. It’ll have a good specification

Housebuilders construct properties knowing that their customers will want houses built with high specifications. What that means for you is there’s no need to spend money on customisations.

7. You get to choose where to live

New build properties are usually sold as ‘plots’ and so you can decide on which street or part of a new estate you wish to live.

8. You’ll get a new house warranty

When you buy a pre-built house, you get no kind of warranty. But, that’s not the case with brand new houses. As you can imagine, it offers you greater peace of mind.

9. There’s plenty of choices

When a new housing estate gets built, housebuilders construct properties in an array of different sizes and styles. That means you have a greater choice of homes to select from.

10. You’ll feel happier than buying a pre-built home

Let’s face it; who doesn’t like having new things?

11. You can move straight in

For the most part, people buying pre-built properties have to carry out some kind of work before they move into them. That’s not the case with brand new houses!

12. It’s a great investment for the future

If you decide to move elsewhere in a few years, you’ll almost certainly get more money for your home when you sell it.

13. You can customize it before it gets built

Would you like to have some ‘optional extras’ built at the same time that your new house gets constructed? Well, this is entirely possible with a brand new house!

14. Nothing will creak or squeak

Everyone that lives in pre-built homes will notice strange noises due to expansion or contraction from the weather. You won’t have to worry about that in a brand new property.

15. People will think you’ve won the lotto

Okay, you haven’t won the lotto, but some of your friends and family might think you’ve become a millionaire!

16. It will be built to the latest building codes

There’s no need to worry about dodgy electrics or plumbing because everything in a brand new house is up to code.

17. It’s a blank canvas

You have the freedom to change any interior (or exterior) design features as you’re starting with a blank canvas!

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