17 room ideas if you are looking for a conversation!

17 room ideas if you are looking for a conversation!

When you have that extra space in your home that isn’t doing much other than sitting around and looking ugly, it can really affect you. When things aren’t right at home, everything else subsequently becomes affected. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something like a cluttered and messy spare room can weigh on your mind – especially if you’re someone that likes to have everything in its place. 

Thankfully, we can solve that problem pretty quickly by getting the space converted into something more productive and more attractive. The most popular conversions are ones to attics and basements, but any room in the house can be manipulated into something else – with permission, of course. If you’ve got the funds and you’ve considered shaking things up a little, but you’re not too sure about what you could turn your dusting, old place into, then have a read through some of these ideas!       

Home Office

It’s a cliché, but if you work from home or constantly have lots of formalities to sort through, then converting an old space into a brand new office can turn you into a more productive worker. It might also make you more organized in other aspects of life. It’s always nice to have a more formal and professional area in a home for when you need to be a little more serious. 


You’re not exactly going to fit the contents of a commercial gymnasium into a little room, but you can definitely store a few significant pieces of equipment and apparatus into one. If you’re looking to convert your loft, then a gym probably wouldn’t be a smart idea – things could fall through! A basement would be absolutely perfect for one, though.  

Game Room

If you don’t feel as though you need to install anything formal or hugely productive, then you can always turn it into a place for recreation. If you’ve got young ones, then it could be used for kids’ parties and other playdates. If you’re a video gamer, then it this could be the dream room for you!

Man Cave

Every dude needs to have a place where he can sit around and do little to no productive thinking or activities. Lots of men like to use their garage shed as a place to chill out in – perhaps converting that could be an option. If you don’t use the garage as a home for the car or for storing old tools, then it’s worth thinking about!


A general area for rest and rehabilitation might be something you could use. Life can be pretty hectic, so getting away from it is pretty necessary most of the time. Throw in a few comfy sofas, some candles, and some soothing music – you’ve got yourself a little calm zone.   

Beauty Studio

Whether you’re a self-employed beautician that needs clients to turn up, or whether you just like the whole thing, you’ll be more than satisfied with converting a spare room into something that can achieve the ultimate makeover every single time.  


If you don’t have enough space in your own bedroom(s), then there’s no reason why you couldn’t turn the spare space you have into an extended wardrobe. Not only is it greatly productive, but it also looks really attractive. The classy feel would give the entire home a new dimension. 

New Bedroom

Another pretty obvious idea! If you need a spare room because of a new arrival, then creating a bedroom in the loft, the basement, or in the room next to you would be a smart idea. You never know when someone’s going to need a bed. 


We’ve talked about an office space and a beauty studio in terms of work, but what if you wanted to get some real hands-on manufacturing done? You’re probably not going to want to do anything drastic with large, dangerous machinery, but little projects can be completed in a small workshop. 

Music Studio 

If you’re quite the musician, then this could be the place where your musical creativity flows beautifully. When you think of a music studio, you usually picture a recording booth with lots of confusing dials and switches – that’s not what we’re talking about here. Simply a place for a piano, guitar, and possibly a drum kit would be sound enough – pardon the pun!

Art Studio

Another idea in terms of letting your creative juices flow! To create a masterpiece or two, you need to sit and relax in a calm, spacious environment with very few distractions. That’s where your spare room can come in handy. If you’re an artist, you can use the new room instead of using the corner of your living room!

Home Cinema 

Everyone likes to sit and watch movies from time to time. It’s a great way to feel relaxed and exhilarated at the same time. A basement or a loft would be a great area for a home cinema. Just throw down some sofas, buy a big TV or a projector, and get the right sound equipment; you’ll be golden.

Another Living Room 

Your living room is the main hub of your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have another little sitting area to chill out in. Again, if you can’t think of anything productive, then there’s no reason why you couldn’t create a secondary hub! The more, the merrier! 

Another Bathroom 

Every home should have more than one restroom these days. It’s actually rare if a house only has one. Not only would it make sense and put your mind at ease, but the value of the home overall would increase quite a lot as bathrooms are pretty important! 

Kids Play Area 

We talked about having a kids’ room in terms of parties and playdates, but if you’ve got much younger kids roaming around, then you might want to throw them into a place that they can enjoy while you get all the chores and errands handled. 


The whole idea of converting a particular room is to make it more beautiful. You might think using a newly converted area as a storage facility would mean ended up back where you started. Nope. Before you would’ve had things just thrown anywhere. With a room that’s purpose-built to store stuff, you can make it much more attractive. 


Last but not least, you could empty it and keep it as a blank canvas. Convert it into a cleaner and clearer space, and use it for whatever you think of next. There’s no need to commit to anything straight away if you’re unsure. 

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