17 Sneaky Ways To Lower Your Home Electric Bills

17 Sneaky Ways To Lower Your Home Electric Bills

When you want to keep your home electric bills as low as possible, you can use all the options below. Each of these options will change the way you approach your energy consumption. Plus, you will feel as though you can use these tips in different parts of the house depending on the season and how many people are living there.

1. Solar Panels

You can shop with a company like Easy Solar to get solar panels that will allow you to go off the grid.

2. Battery Banks

Tie a battery bank to your solar panels so that you always have backup power for extra activities around the house.

3.  Energy Saver Bulbs

You should use energy saver bulbs around the house so that they use less power.

4.  Light Dimmers

You can use light dimmers around the house to get light without using so much power.

5.  Thermostat

The thermostat will ensure that you are not running your AC for too long. The same is true for your electric heater.

6.  Ceiling Fans

When you use ceiling fans, you can save a lot of money because you still get air circulation with less power.

7.  Solar Patches

You can use solar patches in your windows to power lamps and fans. This might be a cheaper option than a big set of solar panels on the roof.

8.  Solar Water Pump

You can use a solar water pump if you are getting water from a well.

9.  Energy Saver Appliances

You need to change to Energy Saver appliances so that you can save money on all your utility bills.

10.  Shut Off Lights Nightly

You need to shut off the lights when you are not in the room or house.

11.  Battery-Powered Security

You can use a central battery to power your security system to save money.

12. Solar Outdoor Lights

If you like to have outdoor lights, you can put them on solar power so they run on the energy they stored during the day.

13.  Battery Powered Garage Door Opener

A battery powered garage door opener is much more efficient than one that drains power all day.

14. Dump Your Freezer

You do not need an extra chest freezer that uses too much power.

15. Fireplace

You can use the fireplace instead of electric heat when it gets cold outside.

16.  Open Doors

You an open doors and windows to let air in when it gets hot in the summer instead of running your AC for long periods of time.

17. Open Blinds

You can open blinds to ensure that you have light coming in the house instead of turning on your lights. Plus, you can adjust the blind during the day to get the right amount of light.

When you take all the steps listed above, you will save quite a lot of money in your house. Plus, you can teach everyone in the family to take these same steps so that you can be ethical and responsible in your energy consumption.

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