17 Things a New Baby Actually Needs

17 Things a New Baby Actually Needs

First-time expectant parents usually buy everything. They get excited. They are inundated with advice and special offers. Every baby shop that they go into offers them a list of “must haves” that they need to buy before their baby is born. Most of this stuff gets left in a cupboard, is never used, or ends up causing more hassle than it’s worth. Your newborn baby doesn’t need half as much as you think that they do. But, it does need these 17 things.

Somewhere to Sleep – The recommendation is that your baby sleeps in your room for the first six months of their life. It cuts down the risks of sudden infant death syndrome, helps them to settle, and gives you peace of mind. But, there’s no rule about what they should sleep in. You might want to co-sleep ( not reccomended for SIDS), use a basket or go straight for a cot.

A Pram – There are so many prams on the market. The best baby prams for you, however, depend on your lifestyle. Do you walk a lot? Does it need to fit in the car? Or fold on the bus? Will you also use a carrier or will the pram travel on all terrain?

Weather Protection – If your baby is due in the summer months, you might want a parasol to protect them from the sun. In the winter, you’ll need a rain shield to keep them dry in the wet weather.

A Car Seat – Whether you’ve got a car that your baby will travel in a lot, or they’ll just take the odd trip in a friends car, you need a seat to keep them safe.

Baby Grows – Your baby does not need loads and loads of clothes. They do need some comfy baby grows and a few basics though.

Sleepsuits – A newborn baby spends a lot of time wearing their sleepsuits. They are warm and comfortable and easier for you. So invest in plenty.

A Coat – Many parents worry obsessively about keeping their baby warm. But, you don’t need thousands of layers. A good coat and a pram with protection are all that you’ll need.

Sleeping Bags – Sleeping bags like grobags are becoming increasingly popular. They keep babies warm and safe and can be much more convenient than blankets.

A Baby Monitor – If you’ve got a small home, and can always hear your baby cry, you might not feel that you need a monitor. Most parents find that it makes them more comfortable, however.

Nappies – Cloth nappies or disposables is a big choice, neither is right or wrong, but whichever you pick, you’ll need a small stash.

Baby Wipes – Wipes are incredibly useful and often top the list of things that parents wouldn’t be without.

Nappy Rash Cream – Hopefully, your baby will never suffer from nappy rash, but most do at some point, and it’s a great idea to have some ointment or cream ready just in case.

A Hat – A summer hat for summer and a wooly hat for winter offer your baby protection against the elements.

Cloths – Bibs, burp cloths or even just old tea towels are great for protecting clothes and wiping up milk and sick.

Milk – Fed is best. Whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, your baby will need milk, and you’ll need to prepare with breast pads and pumps, or bottles and a steriliser.

Nail Scissors – Babies nails grow remarkably quickly, and can easily become sore and infected, so you’ll need some scissors or nail clippers.

A Bouncy Seat – Toys are largely useless for a newborn. But, a bouncy chair can be a godsend when it comes to giving your arms a break.


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