17 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Home

17 Things Everyone Should Have in Their Home

Our home’s decor and style is very much dependant on our taste and style, as well as our experiences and history. No two homes are the same and nor should they be. Your house should show off your style and taste, but also your personal story. But, there are still some things that every home should have. Here are 17 of them.

A Sofa


You can manage without a sofa of course. But, it’s a good thing to have. A supportive, comfortable and stylish sofa gives you a place to relax, to entertain and to binge watch your favourite TV shows. It’s also a fantastic focal point of your lounge, so think carefully about colours, size, and designs.

A Dining Table

Your dining table is another focus point. A french parquetry dining table adds sophistication to your dining room or kitchen while giving you a long lasting piece of furniture and a wonderful place to entertain and impress guests.

A Sturdy Ovenproof Dish

You can do so much with a lidded ovenproof dish. Use it on the hob to make soups and chilli. Put it in the oven for hotpots and stews. It’s your one pot saviour that can slow or fast cook at almost any temperature.

Good Saucepans

An ovenproof dish is excellent, but a set of saucepans with thick bottoms will take you far. A good set could last for over 20 years without ever letting you down in the kitchen.

A Non-Stick Frying Pan

Not all frying pans are made equal. A poor frying pan will ruin almost anything, and your struggle to do even simple tasks like frying an egg. A non-stick frying pan is definitely a must, even if you don’t fry food often.

An Armchair

An armchair complement your sofa gives you extra seating options and can even be a fabulous investment piece for your home.

A Full Dinner Set

As we get older, we entertain more. When this happens, you want your plates and bowls to match. Avoid expensive designs and stick to plain white so that it’s easy to replace one if it breaks, and chips are less obvious.

A Supportive Mattress

A supportive and firm mattress looks after your spine, supports your core muscles, helps correct your posture and gives you a much better chance of getting a good night’s sleep.


What’s a mattress without good pillows?



Houseplants add style and colour and even improve the air quality in your home. Stick to succulents if you’re not a plant person.


Any well-stocked home needs stylish storage options. Stick to simple designs, so that you can add more when you need to.

Framed Pictures

We can’t all afford art, but most of us are passed the movie posters blu-tacked to the wall phase too. Framing even cheap prints makes them look trendy and expensive.


Lamps can be stylish or simple. They can be decadent or plain. But, whatever you chose, when you’ve got lamps, you’ve got options.

Matching Towels

Matching towels and an easy way to add sophistication to your bathrooms.

A Set of Glasses and Mugs

When we’re young, we collect mugs and glasses that we like and end up with a cupboard filled with mismatched goods. Matching sets are much more stylish, even if they are cheap and plain.

A Vase

A vase is another of those things we never worry about until we get older, but it’s a great thing to own.

A Toolkit

An essential toolkit with a few screwdrivers, a hammer, a spirit levels, some screws and, and a hex key set can take you a long way.

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