17 Top Cleaning Tips from Housekeepers

17 Top Cleaning Tips from Housekeepers

Cleaning home could be a stressful work due to complex tasks, try these 17 cleaning tips to transform your home into a fairy land. 

Simplify your Cleaning Tools

Home owners use dedicated tools for every cleaning activity which makes the entire process quite complex and tiresome. Try to use tools that can be applied to wide variety of cleaning actions. 

Keep your Cleaning tools at One Place

Electricians and mechanics have a tool box which comprises of a set of tools that helps them to fix any issue in an electrical or mechanical system. On the contrary, housekeepers keep their cleaning tool in different locations inside a house. You should keep all your cleaning tools at one place same like any electrician. It will relieve you form the stress of finding tools at different locations.

Turn on the Music

Turn on your favorite music because it will help you in the movement. Music will keep your pulse running and will not make you feel tired or bored. Keep the music louder in the presence of noisy vacuum cleaner. 

Clean When It’s Light

The best time to clean the home is in the presence of day light. Open the curtains, drafts or shades, let the light come inside the room to give your clear visibility. Day light gives clarity to see dust particles; therefore, it is necessary that cleaning work is completed before 3 PM because after that day light starts fading. 

Prioritize tasks

Once you start your cleaning spree, make sure to make a list by prioritizing the tasks. Complete your tasks in a systematic way as it is a prerequisite for effective cleaning. Make it sure that you finish the task before starting the next one. 

Start Cleaning from the Worst Thing

If you start cleaning from the worst thing, rest of your tasks will become lighter. Kitchen and washrooms are some of the worst task, clean them first. 

Take Toothbrush

Grab a tooth brush from your cleaning arsenal and use it to clean any place. Due to its small size it can help access tight nook and corners of the room. Use to clean your electronic gadgets or the squeezing spaces between furniture. 

Remove Dust from Electronics

Electronic appliances like TV, computer and freezers collect a lot of dust during the day. Start removing the dust from these appliances but make sure that you have switched them off. 

Efficient Use of Vacuum cleaner

In order to utilize the potential of vacuum cleaner as an efficient machine, plug it to an electric socket in the central room. This will give you the access to all the rooms. Additionally, set an appointment with office cleaning services in Sydney if you need any deep cleaning or out of your time to clean the home properly.

Remove Grease

Light switches and door handles show signs of grease by the passage of time. Use sponges to get of rid of grease to give them a shiny and clean look.

Cleaning of Fridge Coils

Find a suitable vacuum cleaner to clean your fridge or freezer coils. It will improve the efficiency of your fridge in future.

Washing Windows

Use newspaper or tissue paper to clean windows and mirrors without any scratches. For larger windows use handles and specific material. 

Remove Odors of Pet Animals

Pet animals often left their odor on the carpet with hairs. Apply vinegar or any other specific odor removing spray on the carpet. 

Clean the Tiles

If you have tiled floor, a vacuum cleaner will remove all dust particle from them. Use brush or sponge to sweep the tiles and make them more shine. 

User Rubber Gloves

Make sure you sue rubber gloves while cleaning your home. They provide protection to your skin against diseases and infections. 

Sit-down and observe

When you are done with all the stuff sit down and observed that how your home looks like. Check the list of your cleaning task and make sure that nothing is left.

Spray Scent

Apply scent in the room because cleaning home and electronic appliances often leave smell. Scent will help you remove this smell.

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