17 Ways To A Better You

17 Ways To A Better You

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you’re going through or what you look like – you have to take care of the body that drags you around all day! That’s the rule of enjoying life: putting the hard work in! Here are 17 things you can do to make a better you

Exercise! It’s obvious, but running about and lifting weights can do wonders for you! Not only is exercise great for your physical wellbeing, its also great for your mental health. Exercise helps you feel less stressed and cope with the demands of modern life.  Its also a great excuse to turn off the tech for a while.

Start to cook. Cooking will save you money in the long run and might inspire you to heat well and healthily!

Treat yourself – if you are too strict and hard on yourself, you’re only adding to the pressures that society already brings.

Set goals! Sometimes just going ahead with no plan of action is great, but it’s better to have a goal so you know when you’re on the right path.

Be proud of yourself, whatever state you’re in. It’s ok to be you and you should be happy with the you that you are!

Forgive yourself. We’re so hard on ourselves every single day of the week. Find the time to forgive yourself once in awhile.

Speak to a doctor – get a health check if you aren’t taking your goals seriously enough because you might just get information that will change your life.

Brush your teeth or get someone like Platinum Smile Dental Clinic to whiten them. It can seriously boost your confidence.

Sleep well. Your mind needs to recharge sometimes, so please let it do so! Get a good eight or so hours and don’t disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Drink water! Not enough of us are drinking the eight or so cups of H20 that we need each day. Gulp it down, it’s good for you!

Eat well. Don’t save your good diets for your home, learn to eat good when you are out and about.

But don’t starve. Not eating the right amount of calories is bad for you and starving yourself never works out well. If you do have issues with eating, speak to a therapist.

Learn to let go. Sometimes anger isn’t the greatest thing and allowing forgiveness of others is the best path forward. Don’t hold on to pointless anger.

Smile more! Once your teeth are sorted, start to find the happiness in life! It’s all around you and if you smile more, you’ll notice it more.

Reward yourself! Living a good life requires you to be strict, but it’s ok to surprise yourself once every so often to keep yourself on a good path. Don’t overdo it though! Rewards should come with reason.

Look for inspiration. It’s everywhere and you should take the time to look, read, listen, talk and research more. Our lives are full of music, games and books – so indulge your mind a bit. Who knows where it will take you.

Love more. Love others, your self, your mind and your body like you should and you’ll automatically become a better you. Love is a strong emotion and you’ve got the power to dole it out in spades.


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