17 Ways to Feel Happier

17 Ways to Feel Happier

When you’re looking for some little ways to get happy, we offer you 17 things you can do to put a smile back on your face:

1 Book that physiotherapy appointment stop putting it off any longer, that bad back isn’t going to get any better all by itself. Change that grimace for a smile.

2 Say yes to the gym or dance class or walk with a friend or anything that helps you get back into regular exercise. Feel great, feel happy.

3 Find your people especially if you’re feeling lonely or isolated. Join one of the worldwide Meetup groups and expand your network.

4 Do something doesn’t have to be massive but send that email you’ve been putting off or tidy that cupboard you know is overflowing behind a closed door.

5 Be thankful and practise a three good things mentality. Think of three things in your life right now that bring you joy and be grateful for them.

6 Do something kind and make someone’s day. Leave a note on a bathroom mirror reminding someone how amazing they are or buy a stranger a cup of coffee. You’ll feel great.

7 Make plans and enjoy the feeling of having something great to look forward to.

8 Splurge and treat yourself to a haircut, a pair of shoes or a new piece of tech that makes life even better

9 Let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings you’re holding in. Recognise them, acknowledge them and then let them go. You might find a practice like mindfulness is handy for helping you deal with this.

10 Make a playlist on wherever you listen to your music. Transport yourself back in time with some tunes from your teenage years and yes, don’t be afraid to break out those killer dance moves!

11 Breathe, whether you want to just take a moment for a few deep breaths and find some stillness or go deeper with some meditation, your body and mind will appreciate some deep breathing and a moment of calm.

12 Put it into words when you can’t express how you’re feeling verbally. Keeping a diary is a great way to getting all the worries, stresses and fears out there and reminding yourself of all the good times too.

13 Dress up because what are you waiting for? That invite to the ball might not come soon enough so put on a great outfit and feel a million dollars, even if it is just for a trip to the supermarket.

14 And don’t forget to accessorise because no outfit is complete without some beautiful jewellery. Get yours out, complete the look and feel great.

15 Act happy and you’ll convince your brain you are. Stop slumping and think about your posture. Sit up straight. Walk confidently and your brain will follow suite.

16 Treat your body to a ton of healthy fruit and vegetables. Give yourself a day or two of healthier eating and boost your immune system, feel more energetic and see the sparkle return to your hair and skin. The habit may even stick.

17 Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. There’s only one fabulous, unique you.

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