17 Ways to Help Your community

17 Ways to Help Your community

Community spirit is integral towards creating a happy and positive place to live, and if you want to get more and give back to your community but are unsure where to start, here are some 17 bright ideas to try out. 

Help Out At The Shelter

Whether it’s an animal or homeless shelter, they are always happy for people to drop by and provide a few more hands. 

Donate Clothes And Books

You won’t wear those skinny jeans or tasselled jacket again, and it’s unlikely you need to read Harry Potter for the fourteenth time, either. 

Pick Up Litter

You can do this with a team of people or by yourself whenever you take a stroll through your community to make the place look more appealing. 

Complete Repairs

Not everyone is great with their hands, so offer your services to fix everything from leaking taps to sputtering car engines. 

Organise A Blood Drive

Giving blood is always appreciated, and with blood drives, you can supply the hospital with a fantastic backlog for emergencies. 

Arrange A Charity Race

Work with your community to agree on a cause or charity and arrange a race or fun run to raise money. People can dress up or dress usually, and all the money goes somewhere that needs it. 

Support The Elderly

Using services such as Community Based Support will help elderly residents live more independently, and this will help them live a more normal and happy life.  

Register People To Vote

Voting is integral to democracy, but some people don’t care enough or just aren’t registered. Make sure to turn these maybes into yeses to help improve your community and your country. 

Deliver Meals

Not everyone can get to the supermarket or cook for themselves, so delivering meals ensures they get something meal every day. 

Tutor Kids After School

If you’re good at Maths, Science, English, or Languages, you can offer to tutor local kids to help them better understand the material and pass their exams. 

Knit Or Crochet Clothes

Knitting clothes or accessories for the homeless is a low-cost way to them stay warm over winter and is something they can use all year-round. 

Coach A Sports Team

Kids love to play sports and expel energy, and you can organise a team of soccer, cricket, or basketball (or whatever) stars to win the local championship, and maybe beyond. 

Perform Readings For Kids

Lots of parents don’t have time to read to their kids, but if you do, you can visit schools and read through a book with them to help improve their skills. 

Send Out Birthday And Christmas Cards

Not everyone is lucky enough to get birthday and Christmas cards. You can send these cards out yourself to show they’re not forgotten. 

Plant A Community Garden

A community garden is a great way to make the area look more beautiful, and it’s also good for sustaining the ecosystem.

Encourage Green Living

We should all start living more eco-consciously, so encourage bike rides and walks over driving everywhere. 

Start Or Join The Neighbourhood Watch 

Your community needs to be protected, and if you start or join a neighbourhood watch, you can help ensure everyone stays safe. 

Helping Out

A community can not prosper and flourish without people, and by getting involved in some of these tasks and projects, you’ll find yourself helping to create a better place to live for everyone. 

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