17 Ways To Protect Your Property From Damage & Intruders

17 Ways To Protect Your Property From Damage & Intruders

Building a comfortable family home is hard work. So, when you achieve the desired results, it’s important to keep it that way. Here’s how!

Correct the foundation – when leaks or underground problems impact the home’s foundation, it will put the entire property at risk. Underpinning and foundation repair services will put your home back on stronger ground.

Fix broken roofing – at the other end of the building, damaged roofing puts your home at the mercy of the rain gods. Investigate this part of the property and, if necessary, call a pro.

Add gutter guards – guttering plays a vital role in dispersing rainwater away from your property, but blockages can cause major disruption to the performance. Adding a gutter guard that stops leaves and debris is vital.

Install window shutters – while it’s not needed for all properties, anyone living in particularly windy locations will benefit from new shutters. This prevents the threat of glass shattering and associated problems.

Use flood barriers – if the property is at risk of flooding, adding home flood barriers and guards to plug the gaps around your doors can work wonders. This can save you from requiring a flood damage repair service.

Add smoke alarms – fires and dangerous gas leaks won’t only put your home at risk, they’ll also put your lives in danger. The addition of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is a key step for safety.

Keep wires hidden – electrical wires pose various hazards, including electrical fires. Using cable tidying solutions is an easy solution. Or you can feed them into the wall. It’s great for childproofing too.

Turn off appliances – habitual changes often bring even better results than new investments. The simplest way to protect your property, while saving money, is to turn appliances off when they aren’t used.

Seal all cracks – the smallest of cracks can allow moisture, cold air, and bugs to enter the home. A caulking sealant will prevent this from happening, which will save you from an array of potential damages.

Change the locks – if you continue to use the keys that were received when moving in, you can’t be sure whether lost keys are in the hands of other people. A locksmith can help you gain peace of mind.

Keep keys hidden – a lot of homeowners fall into the trap of leaving keys under plant pots in the front yard or keeping them in the door. This is asking for trouble. Be sure to make the habitual change ASAP.

Add home CCTV – home surveillance technologies have come a long way in recent years. Remote-monitored cameras deter intruders and ensure that the authorities are immediately called if situations surface.

Use automated gates – preventing unauthorised access to your grounds is another big step to increased security. Automated gates that can be securely locked at night provide a great defense barrier.

Maintain the garden – aside from adding a whole new dimension to the property, the garden can be a source of underlying issues if you don’t protect the land. Drainage and protection from critters are vital.

Install pressure valves – pressure release valves can prevent pipes from bursting in freezing weather because they will release a little pressure if it builds up too quickly. This is a vital precaution for your plumbing.

Always act quickly – whether you’ve spotted signs of leaks or feel that structural elements are at threat, it’s vital that you respond fast. From DIY repairs to professional support, a quick response brings quick results.

Insure the property – even with the right plans in place, you cannot stop all potential damages. For the sake of your sanity as well as the property, a comprehensive home insurance plan is essential.

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