17 Window Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Time and Money

17 Window Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Time and Money

Are you tired of cleaning your windows only to stand back and look at the streaks and marks and wonder why you spent hours cleaning our windows for such a poor result? We hear you….Paul Routledge from Twenty20 Window Cleaning has these 17 window cleaning tips to help you save time and money when cleaning your windows.Vacuum out your tracks – Always start by vacuuming your window and sliding door tracks out, as this will prevent them from getting grimy if some liquid from the window washing falls into them. Agitate the dirt in the tracks – Use a toothbrush or a grout cleaning brush to agitate and loosen the dirt in the tracks. This will make it a lot easier to vacuum up the dirt. Use a vacuum crevice extension – A simple vacuum extension will make it on the end of the vacuum to reach deep into the tracks to give them a thorough clean. Lay down an old towel below the window – Instead of getting rid of old bath towels you can use them for window cleaning. By laying an old towel down below the window or sliding door you can prevent any spills or damage to the floor.Window washing sprays are limited – These products often promise the world, but the truth is they don’t do a very good job. Often, they will leave a residue on the window that will cause them to quickly get dirty again. Get yourself a decent squeegee – This is how professional window cleaners get their windows looking sparkling clean, it’s all in the power of the squeegee. You can find a squeegee at your local hardware store or an online window cleaning tool supplier. Dishwashing liquid is the solution for your solution – DIY window cleaning solution is quite simple, half fill a bucket with water and a measure of dishwashing liquid. Apply your solution with a sponge – Wetting up and scrubbing the windows pre-squeegee is easy with a sponge. Check out some YouTube tutorials – Now that you’ve got a squeegee and your washing solution you might be at a bit of a loss on how to use them. A really simple way to learn some technique is to jump on YouTube and find a tutorial that teaches you to use your squeegee. Keep a stock of old towels – Now that you’ve got your squeegee, and some technique, you’ll be cleaning windows like a pro. Using old towels on the ground or sills ensures that you won’t make too much of a mess. Buy a few high-quality microfiber cloths – High quality, tight weave microfiber is great for wiping up water drips and lines left by the squeegee. They are highly absorbent and don’t leave water marks like other cloth. Use a razor blade “scraper” for stubborn residue – Scrapers are a last resort as they can potentially scratch the glass. You can find razor blade scrapers in the paint section of your local hardware store. Always use scrapers with caution. Steel wool makes life a lot easierSteel wool is great for taking off little marks, fingerprints and other residue. You have to use a “super fine” grade of steel wool, and similar to the scraper, always use steel wool with caution. Use ladders for high windows but be careful! – Try your hardest not to use ladders, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If you have to use a ladder, make sure that the footing is secure and that the angle of the ladder is right. Clean the screens – Your windows will stay clean for longer if you clean the screens as well. When rain or water splashes on to a window through a dirty screen it will leave muck and residue on the glass. Clean screens minimize the impact of rain and weather on your windows. Work in the shade or on an overcast day – This is a matter of work smarter, not harder. Not only is it hotter to work in the sun, but it also makes window cleaning harder as the window cleaning solution can dry before you get a chance to squeegee it off. This is a recipe for streaky windows. Enjoy it! –  Window cleaning can be quite satisfying. Put on your headphones, play your favourite tunes, grab your squeegee and get into it!

17 Tips To Help You Wash Your Windows Perfectly.

Paul Routledge from Twenty20 Window Cleaning is an avid blogger in the DIY community. He loves to share his knowledge and know-how for cleaning and business with an audience of DIY enthusiasts. His family-run business is based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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